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Animated tokens not working


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I have a few player tokens I have made as animated GIFs when I upload them they convert to webm and will not pull on the sheet. I know that Roll20 supports webm but not sure why it converts them. They are not large gif files between 580 kb and 1,154 kb does anyone know why I can not drag them onto the map after uploading? Attached are the gifs. in question.
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I could be wrong, but I do not believe that Roll20 converts gif to webm. Usually gifs are tiny and used for pixel art animations. The upload may be more than Roll20 can handle as an animated gif?

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I would agree with that but when I upload the gif file it comes out in my art as webm. not sure why.

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So for some reason after I uploaded them that time it worked fine. That was the 3rd time I uploaded them. Not sure why it worked this time. Tokens look eerie moving and looking around.
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Yeah, they look cool, but I tend to shy away from animation. I'm fairly old school and prefer a tabletop emulation more than the more video game aspects of the experience.
Normally I am the same but with Vampire we do not change from that page so I went a little overboard with the screen. No way I would try animated tokens for d&d, with dynamic lighting and the number of tokens in play most times my players would kill me for the lag.
Richard T.
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They look very cool though! I'd like to play with more animation in my games, are these generated by an AI service? 
We used artbreeder website to make our tokens. Then I use mug life on my phone and used it to make the simple movement. Mug life will do a default movement when you first load your image. You can tweak it or use pre-made animations. The default works well for what I needed.