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Display all dice results for multiple pools

Hopefully an easy one: I'm trying to make a roll template that displays all the dice results but rolls two pools at once. I tried <button class="d6-dice" type="roll" value="&{template:skill} {{name=@{character_name}}} {{roll_name=Roll}} {{a=[[@{a}]]d6}} {{b=[[@{b}]]d6}} " name="roll_roll"></button> But this just printed the number of the attribute followed by 'd6'. Then I tried <button class="d6-dice" type="roll" value="&{template:skill} {{name=@{character_name}}} {{roll_name=Roll}} {{a=[[[[@{a}]]d6]]}} {{b=[[[[@{b}]]d6]]}} " name="roll_roll"></button> Which rolled the dice but totalled the results into two totals. How do I get it to display all the dice values and not total them?
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API Scripter
If it was a few weeks ago, I'd tell you there's no way to do this. But roll20 just released an update that does allow it, unfortunately its very complex. You need to build a sheet worker using the new functions startRoll and finishRoll to make your rolls, intercept the rolls, and split the roll into individual dice. This requires you to learn how roll20 encodes rolls, and get information about the roll, which itself is pretty complex Then you need to modify your rolltemplate to display a computed value (which will be the individual dice). See the first post in this thread for details, and feel free to ask for more help: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Very interesting, thanks! This project's too small and too short on time for this solution so I'll manage without, but maybe useful in the future. Appreciated.
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You could use a roll template. That would require knowing more about the dice pools and may require a sheet worker to set up the roll formulas, but if there are limits around the dice pools that get used…that is another possible option.&nbsp;