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Adding floor tiles to dungeon

Hello I am quite new to this, I have bought the dungeon of the mad mage and I have started to run this campaign which works just fine. I'd like to add nice floors to the dungeon, and this works with square rooms, but some levels are completely curved and if i place a floor then the drawing of the walls disappear. Is there a way to get the flooring behind the drawn dungeon walls ?  I hope I am making sense...
Mark S.
Marketplace Creator
I don't think there is a way to do that. The map should be one piece. You could draw the floors within the boundaries of the walls but would block out any art in the rooms and eliminate any shadowing of the walls. It would be a really tedious process that would not bring about a really good result.  It would actually be faster and better to just recreate the dungeon with a tileset. The trick would be finding one on Roll20 that would have all of the assets needed. Unless you are a hobby dungeon crafter and really enjoy this kind of thing, it probably isn't worth the effort. However, if you are determined and willing to pay a bit for help (I create map sets for Roll20), you can PM me. 
For dungeon of the mad mage WOTC created black on white maps that are not very appealing on a VTT.  If you google on dungeons of the mad mage you will find that many people created freely usable versions of those maps that more suitable to VTTs.
Tiffany M.
Marketplace Creator
If you can download the files you can put them on a multiply layer over top of your texture to keep the lines visible, then resave the file.
Or transfer them to a tool like and trace over them to recreate them.  I sometimes do this and tweak the maps a bit for my players that have seen the public maps and may know where all the traps and secret rooms are.
Thanks all, you are very helpful !