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[SCRIPT HELP] Wildshape

Hello Scriptomancers! I have installed and am loving the Wildshape script by Angelo. However, he has recently left Roll20 and is no longer supporting the script.  Now I am looking for some fresh eyes to help me sort through a problem I am having with the script. Everything works fine as far as the script function is concerned, however once my player uses the Wildshape command and reverts back to her base form, her character sheet will no longer accept drag and drop from the compendium.  Any thoughts on why this may be?
I have found this problem as well. Refreshing the page, or coming out and going back into the game seems to fix it but it will no longer accept items again once you use Wildshape
I tried refreshing and reloading several times, to no avail. Eventually, the problem went away, but I do not know why.