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The Lack of Dom access...


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What I would like to do: Based on the value of an input-checkbox (an attr) I want to hide or make visible a input-text field (also an attr). --- This is easy if i have access to javascript & DOM(Which we don't) --- its easy in css to style a field based on some element value .class[value="xyz"] {}      (but this wont work as i want to change field b's css "display:block/none" attribute based on field a's value (a checkbox) ) What is the simplest way of doing this on a sheet? Thanks !    

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Sheet Author
You can use the css method.&nbsp; Unless I am misunderstanding what you want to do. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Scott C.
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Yep, just need some CSS selectors, and depending on how your html is structured, you may need a type='hidden' duplicate of the checkbox. .control[value="xyz"] ~ .target{ &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; display:none; } I'll also note that if you're going to be using the [value="xyz"] syntax, you will have to use a hidden duplicate as type='hidden' inputs are the only inputs whose value property changes to match the value stored in firebase; all the others keep the same value property (their default value) regardless of what the attribute's actual state is.
Sheet Author
Scott C. said: type='hidden' inputs are the only inputs whose value property changes This tripped me up when I started my first sheet a week or so ago, and I had to figure it out myself all over again. That'll teach me to RtFWiki! Actually, it won't. I still skim, then get mad when I miss important bits :(