Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes: Dynamic Lighting can now have color! Dynamic Lighting Lights can now be given a specific color with a color picker or specific Hex Code. We added a new API key for Graphics, ‘lightColor’ which takes a hexadecimal color value i.e ‘#FF0000’ for red Speaking of the Pro API, we made a Change to ensure Light changes are immediately reflected when changed with a script Fixed a problem with Dim Lighting wherein saving Low Light with a blank value would cause a negative number to be saved in its place Fixed a problem that made Voice Chat mute when clicking on another player’s portrait We resolved an issue for users who reported Voice & Video reconnections happening more often than expected Various improvements for Marketplace Creators Pathfinder 2e - Fixed formatting and design issues with the Alchemy Tab on the PF2 character sheet Vampire 5th Edition - Improved Discipline repeating section controls Addons in the Marketplace no longer erroneously display "All Access Vault Enabled" notification. Fixed error with gifting subscription credit as a user who is not logged in. Fixed error with using double quotes in Marketplace author name. Removed Google Play and Apple Store links to deprecated Roll20 app from footer of site. Non-game owners are no longer able to see notifications about game addon installations on the Campaign Details page. The "Sign In" and "Create Account" buttons are now disabled when clicked and say "Processing..." Users can now edit their bios if they saved while editing and only had spaces and/or new lines. We now validate emails when updating from the My Account page. When uploading Marketplace art packs, image properties now auto-populate with 1x1 as a default and indicate that the default image height and width fields are required.