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map problems


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I am the gm of a game and I can see the map but all my players see is white screen, how do I fix this?

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The Aaron
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Do you have all of the map on the GM layer?  Players only see things on the Map layer and the Objects layer. Things must be on the objects layer doe them to be able to select and manipulate them (and they need control of them). Probably you have created everything on the GM layer. The GM layer is for things only visible to the GM, it's a place to stage encounters and such in preparation for the right time. I can see how that could be confused as the place where the GM should put things. 
col4969 said: I am the gm of a game and I can see the map but all my players see is white screen, how do I fix this? 1. Make sure your players are on the same map page as you 2. Make sure that what you want players to see is on either the map layer or the object/token layer. If you turn on 'advanced keyboard shortcuts' from the in-game menu, you can select an item and press 'l o' to move it to the object layer, or 'l m' to move it to the map layer. 'l k' will move items to the GM layer. You can also move items between layers by right clicking on them and selecting the layer you want to move them to from the dropdown menu.
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This has been reported on several other threads . It was a bug introduced today that should be squashed. Eve  Said: We've got a fix out to resolve this issue. If you're still having trouble try following the steps in  Reporting a Bug  to clear your cache and if the problem continues after that reach out for support via our  Help Center .