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PC/NPC token problems

Hi all, I have a session on Friday and have recently upped my account to Plus so I can access Dynamic Lighting.  I am now having problems testing the lighting itself with a PC/NPC token on the map, not being able to click on it, move it, or access it. Can even delete it. It had been okay, I was able to amend it's vision, played around with all that, but now I can't use it, or see it when I re-join as a player.

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Just an update... Deleted the token, placed back on the map, made necessary changes, turned on dynamic lighting, same issue occurred. The token seems to become part of the map & background...
Which layer are you on? Are you switching layers at any point?  Are you able to control the token as GM, but not once logged in as a player? Then the issue is you have not set control of the token to yourself as a player   I would suggest using a Dummy Account instead of the ‘rejoin as player’ feature, as it will be much easier to test things out and get a true player view of the game. 
That's a good idea about the dummy account, I'll do that. To be honest, I have no idea about the layers - It may be a user issue (i.e. me!), just finding my way around the map. Strange, I've GM'd a fair few sessions here when I was on a Free account, & haven't had this issue before turning Pro today!
Yes, it was me! I got all messed up with the dynamic lighting, layers... all on me! Thank you for the assistance, Jarren (that dummy account idea helped tremendously).