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[LFP][Paid] [Friday or Saturday 9:30pm-1am EDT] Want to get some Friday or Saturday night gaming in? Lets talk about setting up your dream game!

Hello! I'm Gm Ray Nagle, and I would love to talk to you about running a game. There are openings right now for either a Friday or Saturday night session, and I am happy to run your dream game. This spot will likely not last long. I am a professional GM with 35+ years running games, with 2 years of that as a professional. I am more than happy to provide reviews of my games. Please ask! My games are focused on action and excitement- both adventure and RP wise. I want the experience to be like a really rad TV show. I also believe the best games are ones where we get to follow around the characters/players and pursue what they are interested in. The tables I run are LGBTQ+ safe spaces, and are open to anyone who wants to make sure that everyone has a blast with this great hobby. There are many laughs and cheers at my sessions. I have also seen the occasional tear when players are looking for that sort of play. For DnD I run "theatre of the mind" style online. Playing in our heads allows the game to move much more quickly, and also allows a stronger focus on roleplay. Maps are used for reference only- there will be no moving digital minis around on a grid. I am also very capable at running many other games- Blades in the Dark, Numenera, FFG Star Wars, Vampire 5E, Mutant Year Zero, Apocalypse World, and many more. Pretty much everything except hard sci-fi. For compensation my practice is to make at least $20/player for a three hour session with a minimum of 4 players. This also covers my time in terms of prep and material. I do offer a discount for weekly games- bundle purchase 4 get 1 free. Lets set a session up and see if we'd like to play together- first sessions are FREE . Not every game/GM is right for every player/group, so I like to figure that out. So, what's the game you want to play? Are you interested in trying a new game? Do you want to go deep into an Eberron story? I look forward to hearing from you! GM Ray Nagle This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $20/session, with an option to bundle purchase buy 4 get 1 free for $80. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. This game encourages tipping the Game Master at a rate of whatever you would like it to be. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
My most recent review, and great insight into my games- " Blades in the dark, unleashed. From the moment Ray let our tinker cobble together the Temporal Discombubulator, a horrific poison capsule ammunition that does very little physical damage but creates uncontrollable seizures and explosive secretion of bodily waste from it's victims, I knew this was going to be an interesting game. Creative and open-ended, Ray really does just sit back and let us write our own story by providing us with an engaging environment and vibrant NPCs to interact with. Many DMs would be frustrated by our tendency to derail adventures. Ray embraces it." Herk