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Area of Effect Script

I am trying to get the Area of Effect API from Stephen L working, but for some reason I only get this when I run the menu macro. I downloaded it from the script library on roll20, and installed the other scripts that roll20 prompted for me to get. Did I miss somesthing?
I think you need to follow the script's instructions to add some effects to it. Including pre-built effects with artwork would presumably have required a marketplace release, and paying artists for their work.
I tried to figure that script out but instead just followed the guide to make a spelltemplate system via SpawnDefaultToken.  You can get most of the walkthrough for it via Nick Olivo's youtube channel, his tutorial on Spawn is superb.  
David M.
API Scripter
Here's the forum link for the Spawn script, in case you decide to try that route. It's pretty seamless for summons and circle/square/cube effects, but for lines/cones you still have to rotate for proper directionality. I added a requested --rotate command, but IMO it's easier to just manually rotate lines/cones most cases.
It was very easy to build but its very important to understand there are 2 types of spheres/circles to plan for.  There are the spheres/circles where the target is 0% of the radius(Fireball) and then there are spheres/circles where the casters square is in addition to the sphere/circle(Spirit Guardians).  So plan accordingly.