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[LFG] [Strain] [Wilderness Survival Horror] [FREE]

They abandoned us here. We've been stripped of everything and left to die in the sand, cursed beneath a blistering sun. What have I done to deserve this? And the others here… What have they done? Can I trust these people? No, of course not... They are driven by necessity, not kindness, and I cannot expect anything above this to motivate their actions. But we will need each other, this alone tethers us together, else we would abandon each other the same way we were abandoned. I suppose that is why we deserve this fate. We are selfish creatures each desiring the opposite of each other, portraying a false ideal which we expect in return, but never earnestly give or receive. Altruism is not to be found here. Only a fool would be so kind. We are the damned. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I know it's scary to venture out beyond the 5E sphere, but I encourage you to try a new system. If you like Horror, this is the best system for it. Call of Cthulhu and all the other systems don't come close.
Still looking for players
Hey there. I'm pretty new to d&amp;d and totally newbie regarding roll20. Is your system different from 5E? Do you accept new players? Thank you.
It’s lighter rules than 5E, but it is easier to die than 5E. It requires you to make careful decisions instead of charging into combat at every opportunity. It’s also focused on horror so darker themes and content will be in the game than a typical Tolkien style fantasy game.&nbsp;
Still looking for players.
Still looking for 2 more players&nbsp;