Hello community! Very short notice, I know! But I am looking for able bodied and somewhat sane people to playtest a campaign I am working on. It is based off a DM's Guild adventure and takes place in and around Baldur's Gate a year after the Iron Crisis, which was the base of the original Baldur's Gate PC game from 1998. First chapter might be a 1-2 shot, but I just don't know - it depends on roleplay and the players. It is 100% free to join my table. I play for fun, not money, but I do reserve the right to boot anyone who doesn't abide by the rules below, or consistently makes the game less fun for the rest of the players. The main objective of the playtest is obviously to meet new people and also to test how the first chapter plays out with the house rules in play. I run my games with the following requirements to the players at my virtual table: Good at speaking and reading English Discord with functional mic and a computer that can run Roll20 without crashing/or bad internet Mature (adult) Easy-going & friendly Wants to have fun and enable others to have fun Knows how to give space to others and when to take the stage themselves Somewhat familiar with the D&D rules No rule lawyering/neck-bearding or craziness Consistency. You show up on time and invest yourself in your character If you are interested, please send me a private message containing the following: Introduce yourself (name, age, etc.) Character you would like to play Your D&D experience What you love about playing D&D I hope to hear from you - and please feel free to include any questions you might have :) About me: 39 year old guy from Denmark Project manager for a living Loves cats, but don't own any Tried RL once, but didn't like it  The House Rules: Resting & Exhaustion When resting the DM makes a roll to see if something happens during the rest. If the party is resting in a perilous enviroment the odds are higher that something bad will happen. Selecting guards or attempting to camouflage the camp can help with the odds. A long rest of at least 6 hours of uninterupted sleep gives you CON modifer * level back in hit points. You can only regain hp through healing spells or potions otherwise. Taking a long rest in an inn will allow you to use your hit die and these are replenished after the long rest is succesfully completed. A long rest also clears all levels of exhaustion. You can only take 1 long rest per day. A short rest reduces exhaustion levels by 1. This can only be done twice a day. To reduce exhaustion the character must have adaquate rations and cannot sleep in medium or heavy armor. Staying awake without sleep for more than 16 hours per day automatically gives 1 level of exhaustion from fatigue. Exhaustion: XP Old school progression by xp. Dying Getting reduced to 0 or - hp will result in an instant death saving throw. Negative death saves stay with the character until they succesfully complete a long rest. Getting a third negative death save results in death. To heal a dying character the hitpoints must be at least 1 or more. That means if a character is reduced to -10 hp, then the party must heal the character up to 1 hp, if not the character who is dying must make a new death saving through even after being stablized (successful medicine check outside of combat) every 1 hour. Character creation Multiclassing? No. Roll 6x3d6 to determine your stats and place them. Starting HP is your class hit die + your con modifier. Living costs are 1gp + your level per day. Combat D6 initiative rules (Mork Borg inspired) Players roll 1d6. 1-3 monsters go first, 4-6 players go first.) Players roll their initiative and that is the order in which they take their turn throughout this combat encounter. Flanking rules? Cinematic advantage/disadvantage instead. “I jump onto the monsters back and whack it in the face with my axe” (DC 12 <relevant skill> success = advantage on that attack, failure = disadvantage). Casting spells or bonus action spells (not reaction spells) = Roll concentration with advantage check (DC 10 + spell level) to see if the spell goes off. If not, then the spell fizzles (not expended, but just lost the action). Levelling up Levelling up should signify how the character grows both physically and mentally. Before applying the level up effects, Roll a 1d20 for every stat. On a result higher than the current unmodified stat, you gain +1 to that stat. If the roll is equal to or lower, then you gain nothing. The max stat is 20 (can be raised by supernatural boons, magical equipment or tomes). HP gain = roll, re-roll 1’s , no con modifier when levelling up. Levelling up costs the xp amount in gold to signify training and learning new spells etc. (Yes, it's expensive to be an adventurer!) 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