Ahoy, its me again with another listing. This day I bring you wonderful folks a temporary Saltmarsh campaign, that once completed, will transition to new characters in a militaristic campaign in the Grim Hollow setting. Strap in, cause this will be a bit of a ride. 3/6 slots taken The current party consists of a feisty goblin (Renegade Fighter), a dodgy human (Swashbuckler Pirate), and a mighty goliath (Herculean Barbarian). They're all pirates and act within the grey areas of morality. So far, the human Narses survived the initial encounter with the lizardfolk in the Danger at Dunwater adventure. The other party members did not, so he had to recruit new companions to assist him in saving Saltmarsh from a riled up tribe of lizard people! You'll be coming in as reinforcements, sent by the council in Saltmarsh as they worry a three man warband is not enough to take them down. Upon the inevitable climax of this skirmish, we'll move on to do one more adventure in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh module; Salvage Operation. After that, the Grim Hollow campaign will begin.  I won't give a ton of background on Grim Hollow just yet, as its a campaign that hasn't even started yet, but I will give a little description of the setting and campaign to make sure its something you're interested in joining too. Etharis, the Grim Hollow setting, is a very grim dark world that feels reminiscent of Ravenloft. There's features with curses, grotesque transformations, upgrading/leveling backgrounds, advanced weaponry, and more. They're only adding more too, with the player's handbook and monster manual coming out soon. The realm is rife with alliances, rivalries and plenty of political tension. There is quite a lot to get into, but I will say that in my campaign, things started to pop off between some of the powerful factions. The party is a part of the conscripted military, and at low level don't have much say in the hierarchy of this conflict. However, as they prove themselves capable, they will be given promotions and asked to take on harder challenges. Instead of being sent to protect a town from goblins or undead, they may be tasked with crippling the enemy. This vague order comes with...moral complications, that are up to the party to act upon or leave be. "Do we steal supplies from the enemy or just capture their fortifications?" You could also just go take on some of the old forts and tombs left abandoned to the monsters of the realm...if you dare.  Anyway, if you're interested in playing with us, just shoot me a message on Discord at Capo#9044 I will be available to answer questions or look at applications on Roll20, but the fastest way to get to me is via Discord. It will be what we use for voice during games and text out of game time, after all.