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The Witcher Character's Sheet bug

Hey Guys! It's been tree week that the roll20's sheet of The Witcher gdr doesn't work! I can't roll any dice. Can someone help?
Sheet Author
I don't see one that was written by Roll20, so it is probably a community made sheet.  I don't see one with gdr after it either.  You might want to post in the Character Sheet forum, since the dice seem to roll fine on the sheet I saw in the drop down.  Screenshots of what is going on would be good so that people can be certain they are looking at the right sheet.  Also, if there is a specific section where rolls don't work, then be sure to say which ones you are having trouble with.

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Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> is the source code for the Witcher sheet in the dropdown, seems it have received some minor updates very recently, so your bug might not affect too many people. Leothedino is the original author, but Stexinator seem to have been updating the sheet recently. It's possible the bug is related to Roll20's recent updates to the sheet system and how some dice rolling is handled, there is a chance something there broke the sheet. gdr doesn't work! I can't roll any dice. When was the last time the sheet worked? what does "gdr" mean? is this issue with all sheets, or only a specific campaign? If you create a new character, does dice rolling work on them? Are you using the sheet in another language than English? At times, there have been sheet-related bug that only affected people who used Roll20 in languages other than English. (some problems related to language files I guess)