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Simple, Intuitive Art and Asset Organization

Score + 22
Would it not be leagues simpler for Joe Average GM to organize and manage the folders in exactly the same way as regular, plain ol' Windows/DOS? Clicking, dragging, moving files, renaming files--especially multiple files--are all much less intuitive and easy in the existing system. Also, a single pop-out window for file management would be much better (again, more Windows-like.) It would give you room to include info on things like file size and format. Simple, Intuitive, Easy.
Yes please - this is the single biggest flaw (IMHO) in Roll 20 - the horrible Art Library management. Single file uploads only? Really?
Yes, a better way to manage images would be a huge help. It's too easy to accidentally delete an image and impossible to tell which image a token is using if that image was uploaded multiple times. A Windows/File Explore-like interface would be a huge help!
I concur.  An Art Library experience that emulates Windows/File Explorer should be a no-brainer.  It is the de facto industry standard, after all.  Given the longevity of Roll20, it is surprising that a more functional and less frustrating Art Library has yet to appear.  I hope the folks at Roll20 will put an improved Art Library on the list of system enhancements. 
Yeah, the existing interface just doesn't work as smoothly nor as easily as Windows/File Explorer type thingie. GMs with lots of active games need to be able to organize things better. And Roll20 would benefit, too, if file and folder storage size is more obvious.
Agreed, if there was a a better way to organize and move photos around within your library it would be much better. This is not super user friendly as is.
A more intuitive interface like this would certainly be helpful.
An Art Library experience that similar to Windows/File Explorer Would be great. Please fix. 
Great minds think alike!  It would be great if Roll20 had  a more efficient and user-friendly Art Library management system.  I'm not really computer- savvy and anything you could do help would be appreciated.  We love using Roll20.  Thanks!
Pretty much agree -- it's an archaic system they have for managing the Art Library. It shouldn't be rocket science to get this upgraded. Any chance the developers could look at this issue?  Windows/File Explorer type of interface seems like the way to go...