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Creating a Campaign Template


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I'm messing around with Ironsworn on Roll20 and I'm setting up some player resources for the general rules. The specific game doesn't necessarily matter in this case, but just to help get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'd really like to have the journal items available for any game I go to create for it. Is there a way to create a default template of a campaign that I can load from? Or would I just have to crate a campaign that I use as the template and copy from. I wanted to have this exist from outside of my account so others could use it if need be.
Sheet Author
You would make a base game set up however you need, and then create copies to actually use in play.  You could create a game and promote someone else to GM, but that does limit the game to the perks associated with your account (so as a free account, none of your games would have dynamic lighting if you promote someone that has a subscription).  The only thing I can think of that is somewhat easily shared would be macros if you make use of macro character sheets and chat menus .  You could make a game that anyone could join and if those sheets are set to be visible and editable by all players, then anyone could import those sheets to their character vault after joining the game.  Of course, it still requires at least a Plus subscription for others to be able to freely import them into their own games (I think that is locked on free accounts unless it is into a game created with a purchased module). You could do something similar with handouts if you use the Bio & Info tab of character sheets as the handouts.  There isn't a way that I can think of to share rollable tables if you end up needing any of those.  I think there is a way to export/import tables, but I think it requires access to the api which is a Pro subscription perk.