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Looking for Storyteller for Mage the Ascension v20

Looking to play a mage the ascension game to get more experience outside of reading about it I can organize, herd, screen a group meeting your specifications for final approval by you so all you have to worry about is story and showing up. i can host VTM, VTR, WTF, or hunter in return.

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Hi Mal, I've actually posted on LFG a few weeks ago looking for a classic Mage campaign. Molding one as ST is a huge step for me, but I believe I can help with whatever falls under that branch of WoD. I'm new to Mage tbh. Will have to digest a copy of the CRB but I do generally know what it's about. Hence, I got a badass idea set in 19th Century Europe. Admittingly, the time period is when my only Mage PC lived. He's a kooky Verbena Lifeweaver. Let me know if you're interested  
Hey Andrew, First thanks for the reply appreciate it. I am confused by the 1st part of it and what you meant but either way lets connect via discord. I'll DM you my handle so we can chit chat some more. Regards, Mal
Always wanted to play Mage and I do have some WoD experience. Let me know if there is seat open.