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Wrong rolls appearing in chat.

In my game (40k) a player is rolling for their DnD character and its appearing in my game's chat. The only character sheet he has visible to me is for 40k. How can I stop his rolls from appearing in my game's chat. (I have no problem with him playing DnD, but I don't want a bunch of stuff appearing in my game's chat if its not related to my game).
kick him from your session and send him an invite only when hes available to play.  They are probably using beyond20 the dndbeyond plugin and either they are just abusing your session to fiddle with sheets and the plugin or they are logged into 2 sessions at once and don't realize the rolls keep going to your session instead of his dnd game.  This is kinda funny cause it probably means hes playing dnd at the same time as he's playing in your game...
Slight confusion, its happening during non-game times. Its not during the game. But I don't see why it would be showing in the chat for a game that he's not GM of and that only has a 40k character sheet and not DnD. I'm not concerned about him dual-boxing but I just like a tidy house.
Sheet Author
The D&D roll templates shouldn't even be available in the game, unless the 40k sheet uses the same ones? Or is it using the default template? There's not much you can do to stop a player who is supposed to be in your game using the chat bar in between sessions. The best way to solve this is to make sure the player doesn't have your Campaign open when they're playing their D&D game. I've never used the Beyond20 extension (if that's where the rolls are coming from) but there's a good chance it'll send rolls to all tabs with an open url - just ask the player to close the 40K tab when using the extension. There's no way they can spam the chat log if they don't even have the Campaign open.