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Newbie looking for help

Hi. I am a complete noob at tabletop games. My experience is one time I made some characters on that's it. I have no idea how to navigate roll20 but would love to join a game looking for someone who can help me join a game and educate me in what is expected on my end of things. 

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Hey there Princess Naga! I wanted to reach out and offer my time and "expertise" such as they are... I've Been DMing pretty much nonstop, players or no players, around the clock since just before last Christmas... I have an inordinate amount of time on my hands and I spend most of it on Roll20. I'm an old head, turning 50 in a few months, and I loved D&D when I was a kid in the early 80s... and like you, I mostly just rolled a bunch of characters (pencil and eraser days, doodling your character was the best part!) and daydreamed about having more than one friend who was into it, plotting our own little made-up versions of the game, but never really played. Cut to a few years back when 5e was new and people were buzzing about D&D, I bought the starter kit, watched some youtube, and attempted to run a game. Getting wasted mostly happened instead. Failure to launch #2. A couple years ago I was playing a bunch of Marvel and DC Heroclixx with a group of friends, and of course the dice and maps and minis reminded me and the other guy my age of D&D. That friend worked up the courage to DM and ran that Starter Kit excellently for me and his son and nephew (one of my main players), and I've been on fire ever since. Did some pay to play and learned a lot, and eventually basically bullied 4 of my closest friends with zero experience into playing a short campaign so I could learn to DM. And something magical happened. Total noob DM and 4 total noob players, and somehow they caught the fever bigtime, played 3 nights in a row and wanted to do 4 but it was Christmas Eve! So here i am still chasing that high... 3 of those 4 are in my main group/main game, doing Tomb of Annihilation forever and ever. A few months back I had 3 different games going simultaneously, main group, a kids game I was running for my nephews and another friend's nephew, and a short campaign for my original group, former DM included! Now the world is coming back to life and people have far less time on their hands, so it's just my main game every week or two. Or three. But I occupy my time building my first homebrewed campaign which is nearly ready to launch with my two most avid players, which is going to take their characters from a campaign that recently ended to meet their other characters in the main game. Basically a lot of airships and sea travel stuff, point A zigzagging to point B. But I'm peopling that adventure with a TON of cool NPCs that are available to play with for anyone who wants to mess with them. (a campaign built for two guys and I've got about 40 characters making the journey) So... "teaching" new and very young players is kinda my thing, I basically live on Roll20, and I'm about to start a game that definitely needs some players, so... let me know if you're interested in checking out my little cinematic universe where I'm trying to loosely tie 4 different games together with a fifth, and getting all the free info and Roll20 time with a (still learning!) DM you might want. Not sure about your pronouns or age, but the one player I lost from the first group was my female best friend; she wasn't as  into it, doesn't have the temperament, but I've been wanting to include lady players ever since January to kind of shake up the boy's club vibe. My guys are all super sweethearts and have learned alongside me, they range from around 22 to my age. I also like to do special guest star appearances, have players pop in and out of different games to play NPCs.  And I have an absolutely embarrassing amount of super cool assets I've purchased from the R20 marketplace, as well as my obsessive nightly dragnetting of super cool stuff from Google Images and PNG sites... So that's it, there's my speil/offer, let me know what you think! Disclaimer: salty language and pot smoke are pretty much the norm in my groups and games, in case those are deal-breakers for you... so hit me up if you're interested or have any questions! Take care! -Seth M
What a super story that was/is, Seth! Sounds similar to my story, though I'm more into Keeping Call of Cthulhu  these days than DnD (though I am involved in a 5e long running campaign as a player, Descent into Avernus , which is great fun). I used to play 2e back in the day - DragonLance , Lankhmar and Ravenloft mainly.
Right on, thanks! Call of Cthulhu beckons me... haha! I'm a big Lovecraft fan, along with all the genre greats, E.R. Burroughs, R.E. Howard, Moorcock, Lieber, Tolkein... my head is crammed full of all that goodness!
Hi. Since you're looking for a game, it seems you're already on the right track. If you're looking for any game to join, I've been running a soft science fiction space game every Friday. It's a chill game and not knowing the rules won't be a problem. If you're interested, feel free to send me a private message on Roll 20. As far as looking for other games, I would just read through posts, find one you're interested and see what steps the poster wants you to take. Happy gaming!

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We are always looking for players to join a grim dark westmarch, The Realm Beyond! Also any DMs are always welcome! We have players from all around that world that play at all different times! All skill levels are totally welcome! TRB discord link to join the westmarch -> [Mod: Link Removed]
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Hello KiwiBabeeee, The General Guidelines clause of the Code of Conduct -- Looking for Group supplemental guidelines states: Refrain from publicly posting links to off-site communities (Discord, Facebook groups, etc.) on the LFG Forums and LFG Tools If you have games open to Roll20 users, we encourage you to post LFG listings for those specific games and invite people to your Discord privately.  You may place the link on your game details page or on a post to your game details forum or in a private message to someone. You may not place the link on your LFG Listing or in a post to your LFG Listing Discussion forum or in a post to the community forums. If you would like to submit an appeal, you may contact us here .