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[LFP] [Free] [5e] Looking for 2 players for Candlekeep Mysteries going in to Curse of Strahd, Saturday 5pm GMT+1


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Hello, I'm looking for 2 players for a Candlekeep Mysteries (We're halfway through the last one)/Curse of Strahd game, it'll be on Saturdays on 5pm GMT+1. Game has a half and half between RP and Combat, characters are sun soul monk, celestial warlock, and a fighter Level 3, UA allowed, homebrew allowed only if discussed with me. Alright, so just post your name, what you're thinking for your character, your timezone and your discord ID, also please we need some good attendance rates alright?

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Hello, I am interested in joining your game. My name is Kelvin and I am looking to play a ranger/rogue. My timezone is EST/EDT and my discord is Kelvin#2303.
Hello.  I’m Cory playing in the eastern timezone.  I’m thinking of playing tiefling necromacer or an aasimar trickery cleric.  My discord is talok silverblade#8326.
Hi, I'm Ian and I'm in the UK. Initial thoughts are a variant human (if that's allowed) Cleric, Tempest domain. My Discord is Rune#3649