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[LFP] [FREE] [Multi-Realm] Open world campaign, looking for 2 players for Khaos Crew


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So I've got loads of information prepared for any that join so this is a work in progress open world campaign (over 300+ custom battlemaps atm). I've got two parties currently which I run every other Sunday. I've been building the world battle map by battle map, I've broken this world into 5 games and I'm aware of the many planes that exist :) I've compiled much of the lore within the discord server and I'm down to invite anyone who seems curious to hop in. Ya can scope out the place for a few days and decide if you're wanting to be apart of the small community we have going. Next sessions are on August 8th. This is a world I've been designing for almost two years now, there's two spots open within Khaos crew who start at 11 a.m to 3-4 p.m CST on Sunday. I'm comfortable with running a party of 6 as I've create many tables to help me improv on the fly. Khaos crew are four individuals, two of which are players I've had for awhile. They're down to pause their level 7 characters to restart in a new zone with two new players to revamp their party's numbers. DM me and lmk if ya wanna come be apart of a developing world where you help shape the outcome of Multi-Realm. It's a safe for work environment and we welcome all ages 18+. If there's any interest in becoming a dm I have a bit of time here and there to help those wanting to learn, I can help guide those in the right direction. This map is a very vague roadmap of what is to come, they're wishing to revamp at level 3 within the "vibe zone" area, these are placeholder names atm. I have fully fleshed out prowling grounds, deadly canyons, wild lands and much of the mountains/oceans.
Hello, I go by Adept. I'm in my early 30's, Est timezone, and I have 10+ years of DnD xp with at least 2 years of roll20 xp. I saw your posting that you are looking for a player to play bi-weekly in your homebrew campaign. If there is a spot sill available, I have interest to join and can run some ideas by you for character concepts. If you would like to have a chat, my discord is Infiltrait0rN7#8605 .  I am a dedicated player that shows up on time and gets along with others pretty easily. I love getting into character and try my best to do voices for the character I am playing. I do a quick 10-15min study of my character before each session to make sure I know what is all there and try my best to be ready when it's my turn to keep combat flowing smoothly. I also love to come up with creative ways to solve problems or use abilities in or out of combat. I wouldn't mind starting at Lvl 7 or adjusting to what the party wants. 3 Character ideas I have are(in order from most excited about to still pretty excited just not as much): - Shadow Spellsword(A Half-Drow that's a mixture of Echo Knight Fighter, Hexblade Warlock, and Shadow Sorcerer that I've been thinking of) - Cosmic Twilight(A Protector Aasimar that's a Twilight Cleric...possible small dip in Circle of Stars Druid) - The Burning Paladin(A Scourge Aasimar that's Conquest Paladin/Fiend Warlock) I hope to speak with you soon!