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Looking for Dm


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Hello,  Me and my friends have been playing both in person and online for about 4-6 years. Due to a complicated past with a previous dm we split off from a couple of people to make sure we had a healthy environment. While dming for eachother has gone splendidly, we miss being playing together as 5 players. We all use discord and know how to navigate and create servers with basic functions. We are all familiar with roll20 and other dnd resources to assist in online playing. we aren’t necessarily looking for someone to dm a particular game but rather someone willing to dm for us. As we have been playing together quite a bit we have a group dynamic where we can play off each other in RP and in combat well. Most of us prefer roleplay over combat. what to expect from us: willingness and desire to communicate and discuss our characters backstory between sessions. A strong tendency to take initiative to roleplay characters through gestures, voices, or even descriptions in and out of combat. one of us has a knack for creating very multilayered characters with longer backstories. Another goes for the more eccentric character ideas. I tend to make weaker characters to ground our party a bit — though not always — and generally lean for more comical characters that have a little depth. Another of our group follows a strange trend of somehow mixing power gaming and joke characters in to a chaotic and hilarious character — though will work it in a way that they can be taken seriously if needed based on campaign tone. Finally the last of our group can be a little less involved in rp but enjoys playing a variety of characters that tend to be more silent oddballs with exotic quirks. If anyone is interested I’d love to chat more in pms and we can discuss and I can see what my buds think and perhaps we can set up a module or oneshot to try things out. We all can only speak English.  Notes: - Ideally the system will be D&D 5e - We are not looking for paid games - Our Timezone is PDT - We are able to play games as frequently as bi weekly but would enjoy even just a game once a month I'm sure.
I'm new to Roll20, and haven't yet tried video-based roleplaying. Have over 20 years of gaming and DM experience. Obviously, I wouldn't deign to ask for money, as you might be doing me a favor more than the other way around. I could have something for a four-hour afternoon/evening session (I'm in CST time zone) within a handful of days (a one-shot, to test the waters?). Let me know what day (anytime between 5PM and 9PM--3 to 7 PM your time--with maybe a one-hour shift in either direction?) would work for you. Let me know your character concepts, levels, and anything else you feel is important to make this work. I'm most knowledgeable of Forgotten Realms, though haven't peeked at my books in quite some time; a homebrewed setting would likely work better. Would you be averse to text-only (at least for the first one-shot), at least until I've gotten past the learning curve of using the vid-based aspects of this site? If you prefer video, I'm sure the time between now and the trial session will be sufficient for me to catch up. English is my primary language, also.
Hello, I’m going to send some follow up stuff over pms.