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[LFG][5E] Looking for a group to play with. Details about me inside.

I will say this at the beginning as I have received requests to join stuff I am not interested in. I am not looking for a paid game. You do not need to read any of this if you are recruiting for a Non 5e game. I am not interested in any of the following: Non 5e, Tomb of Annihilation, Mad Mage (As I am already in a fantastic group for this), any campaign which you have heavily modified the core mechanics of DnD or added some weird crit mechanic cards that overrun the game.  Instead of sending out 30 applications for games to which never get a response. Here is a single Application for any DM looking for a dedicated player. I will include all the information that repeatedly gets asked for. DM's pick me up if you need a player. Use this information to determine if I would be a potential good addition to your game, or not. I'm not going to write an individual resume or application for each game as i'm sure this is detailed enough. If you ask me to apply to your game in your thread, I'm just going to cut and copy this.  About Me: I am a 44 year old disabled and retired Army veteran. I have the luxury of time on my hands to dedicate to your campaign and story. I'm wanting to sink my teeth into the world you spent so much time creating. I want to love it as much as you do! I want to meet the other people you invited into the world and have danger thrown at us and figure out how to solve your mysteries and mazes, while figuring out how to get along with strangers and turn them into friends in and out of the narrative. I am serious, but I can laugh at a good joke (adding Yeet to the end of a sentence does not make it a joke). I speak English, not "Meme". I enjoy role playing, but never to the detriment of someone else's fun. I do not like when a single player is always forcing the party to react to what their character does, this makes it the campaign of them and not the party. I don't enjoy someone being SO narrow sighted in their character that they don't realize no one else is enjoying what they are doing and constantly lean on the crutch "its what my character would do". At the end of the day, we are aren't really our characters, each person around the table is an individual with their own motivations and personalities but the one thing we should all share is a desire for fun, but never at the cost of someone else, in or out of character.  What I am looking for: A fun group of  welcoming  players. Preferably not a "good ol'boys club" of life long friends, and I am the odd man out. I find that this causes for a lot of inside jokes to which I'm left sitting with a deer in the headlights look on my face, just waiting for the joke to end so we can move forward.  A healthy Mix of Role play and Combat. I want to play with players that love their characters and put effort into creating them and exploring them and watching them grow. Not players that make meat puppets for their version of "Dungeons and Damage, the Diablo table top edition." Anyone can create a damage monkey. I want to play with a creative bunch of people. That being said, Its fun to actually fight with a character, so I am looking for combat as well. I laugh when I see people saying they prefer roleplaying but when the campaign starts, they turn into the most murder hobo person around. I enjoy combat as much as roleplay.  Structure. I would like to find a group that meets once a week and where everyone shows up. I know everyone has a real life and that should always takes precedence. I would like to find a group where its not missing someone every single week due to a Headache, stress, sick..ect..ect...Its no fun when the group is ALWAYS missing someone.  A group that is looking for someone who wants to play the game! I love sitting around and telling "and one time i did this.." type stories, but I want to do that before or after the game. When the DM starts the game...lets play the game!  Looking for an actual Sanctioned Campaign.  What I am Not looking for: Incredibly slow Leveling. I'm not looking for a power campaign where we level up each session. But being in the same group for 5 months and only going from level 3 to 5 is unacceptably slow. I need something new to play with every once in a while. The same old toys month after month gets stale. Not looking for special home brew mechanics that take over the game. Unique home brew rules can be fun. But if your "new" home brew stuff is causing players to die, then your home brew rules are writing the story, and the players are not.  Not looking for a home brew campaign, only pre made modules. Not looking for DnD the Critical Role Edition. DnD 5e is fine as it is. I dont want to play with Matt Mercer's optional rules. I dont want to play with a group that believes "Critical Roles way is the Only way!". Its not! Its just their way, not the "true way". Please, No critical role fanboys. Liking them is awesome, trying to emulate them is annoying.  My Availability:  Preferably Week days, except Thursday. Time of day is not an issue. I am disabled and retired and have the luxury of time.  What I would like to play: Character wise: I am open to most classes, as the party needs. However, preferred classes would be: Cleric, Wizard, Cleric/Warlock or an Oathbreaker.  Race: Depends on Class  Why: I am disabled in real life after years spent in combat. I want to spend my time healing and protecting people when i get the chance to roleplay. Something i didn't get the chance to do in real life. For me, Role play is a form of Therapy. Campaign wise: I am currently in a Rime of the Frost Maiden and a Strahd Campaign but I am willing to play most other modules.  Experience with DnD : I've played on and off since the early 2000's

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We are always looking for players to join a grim dark westmarch, The Realm Beyond! Also any DMs are always welcome! We have players from all around that world that play at all different times! All skill levels are totally welcome! TRB discord link to join the westmarch -> [Mod: Link Removed]
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Hello Sir. One of my players need to leave our friday party because his son scholl is starting and he needs to take care of him. It is my homebrew world and all players hit level 4 last campaign. They are not very experienced players but having fun with theor roleplay. It is friday 18.00 gmt +2 timezone and free campaign. If youu are interrsted let me know.
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Still looking for a group. 
I am still looking for a group. 
Me to looking for group
Friend KriegJaeger#7192 on Discord.  He has a channel (Champions of the Twilight) focused on connecting adults for evening DnD games.  Most have kids, so evenings after they go to sleep tend to be more free.
I'm recruiting players for a short run.  The Introduction to the Curse of Strahd Campaign, with custom maps and monsters.  I expect the run to be 5-6 sessions for 3-4 hours each.  Starting Wednesdays on 8/18 at 7:30 pst.
you can shoot me a msg here ivoka9#7374