Premise: This is live&nbsp; Text Only , weekly&nbsp; Text Only &nbsp;game in which you play as a rambunctious group of goblins searching for a new home. We will be using Roll20 for rolls, character sheets and some battlemaps, and a Discord server for Live Text play. You come from a tribe of Jungle Goblins known as the Batiri. Recently, more Porkies and Knife-ears have been entering the Jungles, and it made many troubles. Your tribe, at home in huts of wood and orchards of fruit, was nearly wiped out by an agitated Undead Knoptooth (Tyrannosaur) and a small horde of small undead Swifttooth (Velociraptors), brought by yet another group of fleeing Porkies. Thankfully , some small few of the tribe ran away and survived, though many others died defending your Shrine, the Shrine of Lamashtu - Mother of Monsters. Mother Lamashtu protected your Shaman, and the Shaman blessed you with all her remaining power before her wounds brought her death. You were not warriors. You were cooks, haulers, leather-stretchers. But now you must become more. At the Shaman's last bequest, you seek a new Den for the tribe. A Good, strong den, with thick walls of Stone, and much room for Gobbo babies. Five Days hike to the West is a lost place, a place of stone and old magics: Tamoachan, its ziggurats long abandoned, though filled with danger. Blessed with power, magic, wits and quickness by Lamashtu's Kiss, you are to crawl into the dark, damp places and make safe these deep places… For Batiri! Campaign Stuff: In this campaign you will: Delve into a Ziggurat of Tamoachan Find a new home and suitable place for a Shrine of Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters. Be da Goblins. Wicked Ones, who laugh at stoic cruel evil, pipsqueaks who are Bad for Fun! Sessions will be 4 Hours Long, and run weekly at the time advertised. As this is a Text Only game, please be aware that you should be adept at typing and a decent writer to have the best time in this campaign. How to Apply: Please read and respond to the questions in the Application Thread, found in the Game Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;Responses created outside of the thread will be deleted! First Session will be Tuesday August 3rd. Character Creation Info Race, Level, Character Sheet. You will create a Level 6 Goblin using Tasha's Custom Lineage rule (ask if you don't have access to this) or the original Goblin Statblock, your choice. Switching around racial ability scores is fine, also. You may use any content from any WotC official book with regards to subclasses, spells etc. Regardless of where or how you create your Character, you must have your Roll20 sheet filled out by Session 1. A Blank Character sheet will await you to be filled out manually. Ability Scores You may Roll once for stats in Roll20, and use Point Buy if you don't like the result. This is a good Point Buy calculator:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> HP You may roll for HP or use the Average, your choice. Background Reflavor your Background however you like. It should be related to your role in the tribe before you were Blessed by the Mother. Equipment You will start with one Uncommon magical item of your choice, and the other equipment you own will have been scavenged from Porkies who died near to your territory. You are not sure why they came here, but they left tasty loot behind! You will not have any use for Gold, so buy what you can at character creation. Portrait You will need to send me a portrait of some kind. Any goblin will do! Here's a collection to look through if you like:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Backstory Please figure out the following: -What role did you have in the Tribe before you were Blessed by the Mother of Monsters and sent on this quest? -Why did you run away from the Knopptooth? Alternatively, how did you escape death upon its attack? -How would this sudden gift of power make you feel? Would it have changed your character's personality? You need not go into too much detail. They are gobbos, after all. General info about the tribe: There was a Chief, and he died during the undead attack. There were approximately 96 Goblins in the tribe, and 19 remain, including you. The Worg Packmaster Atribu now leads the tribe. The Tribe worshipped a number of other minor trickster gods as well as the Mother, so if you are interested in being a Cleric, let me know so I can fill you in on your options. To Apply, Please follow this link to the Game Listing and respond to the Questions in the Application thread:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>