Hello all! I am looking to get back into D&D, because all of my old games have fallen apart (as they often do with TTRPGs).  I’m no stranger to the system, having played in multiple settings and games previously, and having ran a game in the past as well. I am a very RP focused player, and I also enjoy combat scenarios, so I can fit into political parties as well as ‘fight now, apologise later’ parties I’m most experienced in playing clerics of any race, but I’ve played almost every class/subclass combo so I’m flexible in that regard. I’m primarily looking for games on Thursdays or Fridays, but my only hard no’s are Sunday and Monday, and I’d be able to play in games that start before 8pm UK [3pm ET / 12pm PT] (the games can run later than that, but I can’t start much later as it would likely wake my niece). Hope to hear from you soon!