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⚡ Storm Kings Thunder ⚡ NEWPLAYERS WELCOME LFP/DND/5e/PAID/Saturday 8pm to 11pm edt weekly!

&nbsp; ⚡&nbsp; To Fight Giants, You Must Be Giant &nbsp;⚡ Ages ago, giants and dragons waged war across the Savage Frontier. These battles are long forgotten by the human civilizations of today, but ancient relics remain. And now, the land shudders once more with the thunder of giant footsteps. Hill giants raid farms for food and livestock, as stone giants lay waste to settlements in their path. Frost giants plunder coastal towns, as fire giants gather slaves. Cloud giant castles drift across the sky, casting ominous shadows on the cities of the North. But no threat compares to the wrath of the storm giants, who stand betrayed. Puny adventurers must rise to the challenge, gather their strength, unlock the power of ancient runes, and take the fight to the giants' doorsteps. Only then can they discover a hidden evil fomenting a war between giants and small folk. Only then can they forge an alliance to end the war before it begins. About the Dungeon Master I been a dungeon master for about three years now, mostly focusing on 5e and the forgotten realms content. I been a huge avid fan of Chris Perkins work for about a decade now, watching him dm acquisition incorporated online through twitch/YouTube at pax east. I work full-time atm but I do enjoy playing dungeons and dragons as much as I can, I am huge lore fanatic and painter of miniatures on my spare time, and also enjoy reading R.A Salvatore and the books. I guess you could say I’m one Hella of nerd. Why pay Low turnover - As a sample, in the past 6 months, none of my scheduled games have been cancelled or postponed. Payment ensures commitment and respect for your time Custom stories - I take a lot of time to tailor the story around your characters and give you a good mix of combat, exploration and social elements every session. Living worlds - My games never feel like just a module that is being run off the shelf. They are alive with beautiful soundscapes and encounter maps, memorable NPC's whom I voice-act for and your actions have visible consequences that impact the setting Homebrew rules and API's - The play experience is streamlined, interesting and of a much higher quality than what you would normally receive on Roll20. Character Creation Characters begin the adventure at Level 1 and play continues on a weekly basis until the book has been completed. If you have little or no experience playing D&amp;D online, don't worry. I can help you with your character creation prior to the first session upon request at no additional charge. I can also provide ongoing help as you progress. The game will have stat array of 17,15,13,12,10,8 No Flanking, makes combat last longer and fair on both sides. Take Half Hit point rolling rule, you will always get half or more. Taking potion takes bonus action, for convenience I also enjoy talking the realism approach to my stories, with illness or wounds that can't merely be cured by spells alone, taking the time rest properly and roleplay it out. Also I own majority of the books&nbsp; phb,xanathers,volos,mordenkaines, and tashas &nbsp; so they will be accessible. Game will run 8 to 11 pm est. Request an Invite to Play If you'd like to request an invite to play, then simply send me a private message with the following information: Your name: Campaign name/day/time: Your Discord ID and number: Briefly describe what you're looking for in a gaming experience: Your online D&amp;D experience: none / beginner / intermediate / expert Do you understand that the game costs $10 per session or $40 per month via PayPal Provide a few details about your character such as name, class, race, and backstory. (It's OK if you haven't decided yet.) Please note that Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Game is currently running for about 2 and half month, looking for 1+ currently level 6
Currently 3 months in currently level 6, one slot open for a group size of 7
I posted in the campaign's listing page.&nbsp; I would love to join you.&nbsp; I posted the answers to the above questions there.