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[LFG] Saturday Mornings PST! GM decides what we play!

Hey there gamers!  I love TTRPGs, but alas I am ALWAYS the GM! So I am looking for a GM to run WHATEVER SYSTEM they want! One Shot, Campaign, whatever! You as the GM have the final say, I just want to play! I'd however love to play Saturday Mornings/Mid-day PST. And with a group no larger than 4 players and one GM. Systems I am Down to Play: Pasts, Personas and Prophecies DnD 5e DnD 4e (Dark Sun Baby) OSE Index Card RPG Stars Without Number Vampire the Masquerade 5e Warhammer Second Edition Legend of the Five Rings Call of Cthulhu The Expanse RPG Star Wars FFG 2d20 Conan! Genesys Numenera Mouse Guard 40K Savage Worlds WHATEVER! Lets discuss, GM gets the final say!
Glad to see more people branching outside of the regular D&D> I Host Powered by the apocalypse games like "The Sprawl"  "Among the Ruins" and "Free from the Yoke" However: I note that you are looking for Saturday game time Which sadly is not on the Rooster for me. Best of luck. I just want too give you props for out of box gameplay.   
I'd be interested in running Edge of the Empire although I'm not sure if I'd have the time to start a new full campaign, maybe a few one-shots. To be clear, do you already have a group of players or are you interested in joining a game? I'm currently running a Star Frontiers game Fridays at 9pm Est. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in joining the Friday game or if you want to organize a one-shot.
@Justin! I'd def down to play some Edge in a One-Shot format! I am a big fan, of that FFG system. I don not have a group that is ready to go, but I am sure we can find a few extra souls. If not I am always down to play in a 1 on 1 session. As for Star Frontiers, that may be possible, how far are you guys into a campaign and how many people are playing? I do have work up until 8:30 EST on Fridays.