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Pathfinder 1e Adventure Path Reign of Winter

Seeking 5-6 players for the Pathfinder 1e Reign of Winter adventure path. Playing bi weekly Saturdays from 7-11pm central time via Roll20 and DISCORD. New Pathfinder Dm . but this Path looks fun --August 28th Session 0
I could be interested. The time slot works for me and I have never played this adventure path. Played/playing in several other pathfinder games so am familiar with the system. Do you want discord information for discussion? If so mine is  The Darklord#4092  Thank you for any and all consideration.
I am down been playing pathfinder 1e 2 years and 1 year on roll 20. 
I love the Baba Yaga reference just from the picture, so this seems like a great AP. The time slot is perfect for me, and I have played a lot of pathfinder but only part of Rise of the Rune Lords and Legacy of Fire, so exploring the north will be new. My discord is Flamester#1084. 
I be interested in joining also, I can ether mail you my application or discord your choice.
i'd be interested in playing as well, DM me on discord @zauriel56#5702
I believe still looking for players. Let’s go stop the world from freezing together. ;)

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Hey, I'm really interested in playing this game. I've been playing 5e for quite a few years now but really want to try pathfinder. Thank you for your time. Discord is DeDawg40#8837
Seeking Players
Now that looks like a fun one. Pathfinder has always been one of my favorite ones outside of second edition
Always wondered about Pathfinder, so Available for this if you still need players.
Still seeking players
Tim i added u on discord msg me interested 
i have a fairly interesting character concept i'd love to bring to the table for this ^_^ been playing since 2011, completed multiple campaigns and a whooooooole lot of homebrews, as well as dm'd multiple times discord is: Spaczer#9046
Hey there! Ive been playing Pathfinder for years (mostly DM), but I am really craving to play again. Let's add each other on Discord to see if I'm a good fit ♥ Miikumon#9410
Currently have 4 players seeking 2 more
I've got plenty of experience with Pathfinder and I've played up to the second book of this adventure path before, but that's all. Krim#4555 on discord

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I an interested. Disccord. talok silverblade#8326
seeking 1 more player
I might be interested in the game

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If you need another, I can join. I can fill any role the party needs. AdamDaBomb11#8833
I'd like to join.  You can reach me on Discord: JennyAvariel#5801
Hey there! Was wondering if you still need a player for your reign of Winter campaign.  I have recently started to play Pathfinder (coming from dnd) and the system is so much better.  Reign of Winter is probably the campaign I am most exicted to play. I love Baba Yaga and snow and Polar bears and would love to join this! About me: I am 22, from Scottland. Have absolutely no indication of a sleep schedule and I am in for the fun! My Discord handle is lammywolf#1113 I would be delighted to hear from you! My best wishes, wolf