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Concentration Script Issues

Hi all,  Do we know why the 'concentration' script is no longer in the 1-click list ?  I'm using the 0.1.16 version from github (Robin's script) and i have 1 or 2 issues with that script. Not sure Robin is still around though, so if anyone could help on these matters ?  Here are my issues :      -A player cannot press the roll button, only the DM can. Apparently from version 0.1.12 and on, players are supposed to be able to press this button. (And just in case you wonder, yes the character is 'controlledby')     -Attacks spells don't trigger the concentration and auto-add markers. I know it seems to be a roll20 issue, and Robin found a kind of work around to this issue adding the command !concentration in the spell description but it doesn't seem to work on my side either...  I'm using the 5e ogl sheet. Thanks for your help if you can. Best
For the second issue, the instructions are wrong. At least it did not work for me either no matter what I try. Now what work is to create a macro on the global macro tab, then you can create a command button on the description of the attack so you can call the Macro.  Ex.  Global Macro Tab Concentration (Name of Macro) !concentration or !concentration ?{Name of Spell} On the description section of your spell: [Concentration](!
#Concentration) - this command will display a button on your chat window when you cast the spell press the button on the chat window and it will call the macro created on the macro tab. About the player button I don't know since I have it in Auto roll.
David M.
API Scripter
The script is still in 1-click. If you have it already installed (or imported), it won't show up in the drop-down anymore. I've never used it, but a quick check of the code shows that there is an intentional split between GM and player functionality. If you want players to have the same abilities as the gm, you could try importing the script and deleting the following lines: line 53             if(playerIsGM(msg.playerid)){ lines 126-133 }else{                 if(msg.selected && msg.selected.length){                     msg.selected.forEach(s => {                         let token = getObj(s._type, s._id);                         addConcentration(token, msg.playerid, extracommand);                     });                 }             }  Note that this would give players the ability to update the config and everything else that a GM could do, so keep that in mind.
Thank you for the information. Another thing is how can the constitution save be triggered when players have some temp hp decrease?  For the moment it only get triggered on bar 1.  Could the script deal with some hp decrease on either bar1 or bar3?  Thank you. 
David M.
API Scripter
Not a one line solution, but it could  technically be done. However, I believe it would trigger/prompt an extra concentration check if the token took more damage than they had temp hp and it carried over into their "real" hp pool. The script would respond to the change in bar3 and then again to the change in bar 1, potentially causing false failures on autoroll and removing the status marker prematurely. The DC calculations would be incorrect, as well, since the damage would be split between the bars. Seems like it might cause more confusion than it solves. Again, I've never used the script, so not sure how you would handle temp hp normally for getting the correct DC calculation. 
Ok i got your point. So i guess the only way would be to use another script to apply damages first to temp hp and the rest to hp and recall the amount to calculate the DC... Mmm kindda complicated. Or another option would be to confirm the dc when prompted or correct if there were some temp hp deducted at the begining....  not vey player friendly either Ok i guess i'll have to adjust the result according to the damage if needed... and if the damage are only to the temp hp, then ask the player to do a constitution check manually....the old way lol