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Checkbox return true/false instead of 0/1 when called from macro bar/chat

Noticed this today.  I have the following in a repeating section: <input type="checkbox" title="@{$ID_encumbered}" name="attr_encumbered" value="1" readonly><span class="sheet-checkico">a</span> It is used in a roll template as such: It is sent to the roll template as {{encumbered=[[@{encumbered}]]}} {{#rollTotal() encumbered 1}} ... {{/rollTotal() encumbered 1}} This works when the template is used via the roll button on the sheet but if that button is added to the macro bar or I call the attribute itself from chat via @{character name|repeating_professionskills_-ABCDEFG_encumbered} and get either true/false.  If I update the roll template to show the value and run it via the sheet button it shows 0 or 1 instead as I expected. Is this a bug or is there better way to go about this?

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Matt Carpenter
Sheet Author
Apparently this was due to the way I was setting the checkbox value via the sheetworker with a boolean instead of an actual 0 or 1.  Updating the sheetworker and ensuring the values we recalculated seems to have fixed this issue.