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Looking for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game Group

Hi, I am looking for a MHR Group to join, I love marvel, I love this game, but I only had a chance to play very little of it. I live in GMT +1 timezone, so I would love a game that wouldn't start 2am my time:p Here's hoping there's one out there looking for one more player, or that there's enough interest in order to create a group.
never heard of it but i would not mind a superhero game
Ive never played it but i have been looking for a superhero game for months now.Im in if no one minds me being unexperienced with the system.
I wouldn't mind it at least. All the playing I did of it was as the DM with a Group that hasn't played it either, it was sort of a learn-as-you-play thing, so I was hoping there was someone that knew the game better than me that would want to DM it
Bumping for interest check
I use to play Marvel Super Heroes RPG back in the day. I would be interested in playing a Marvel game. I am new to the R20 system but would definitely like to learn the system.
Great, now we're 4. We still don't have a DM (or Watcher), it seems, and if nobody comes, I guess I can DM it. However, I have only been the watcher character a few times and is only about 85% sure of the rules, so I would prefer if we got a better one:p
Not really familiar with that Marvel game, though I do enjoy Marvel as a whole. I used to play the old FASERIP system.
Are you talking about using the Margaret Weis Productions "Marvel Heroic Roleplaying"? If so, great system. I've run it once or twice and could stumble through again...though would love to play and get a feel for it before doing anything ambitious.
Indeed, I was talking about Margaret Weis' MHR. As for those not used to the system, I wouldn't mind helping people learn or learn by playing. Also, Brett, you used to run it as the watcher character?
Yes, I ran a small group through a modified version of the Breakout scenario included with the game (actual tabletop). Also ran a solo mission I created for a street-level hero (player chose Punisher...virtual tabletop). Still don't think I have the rules down, but would give it a go if no one else was interested in running a game.
depending on what day you decide to do tis , I would be up for a go.

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Allright, well we have 6 players and a watcher character now, so I think we're set. Both me and Brett seems to be sortof in the same boat where we could DM if nobody else would, so we'll see how it turns out. Will talk it over with him and soon one of us will post a link for the game here. more information about day & time will be on there.
If you are taking more players or one more player drops out I would be interested for some MHR too
is this even still happening?
Allright, it's like this. I have been talking with Brett B, the other guy who could be a DM, but he did say he was moving and his internet would be down for a while. Basically, both him and me could be a DM, if nobody else would like to be, and I haven't recieved an answer from him in a while, so I'll just post my thoughts here. I could be a DM (watcher player) for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, I like it equally much as being a player. If I would DM, I would give my players a choice between playing any marvel character (within reason which we could agree on later), or playing original character. I have already made up a system for how to make new characters, basically assigning you points in which to buy powers, specialities and SFX's with. I would also include your characters non-heroic personas into the game, like maybe your secret identities, if you have them, might be compromised. Or maybe you have to go save someone, but your mother/co-workers/schoolmate is currently keeping you busy, stuff like that. This is what I would try to do as the DM, but do keep in mind that my actual experience of DM'ing this game is limited, though I do know the rules.
I would be interested in joining if that is still possible.
this sounds really cool, if you are ok with taking on a person that's completely new to tabletops but a huge marvel fan i would love to join in
This is something I would be interested in, though only with people playing original characters. I'm not familiar with the system though I find the superhero genre to have some of my favorite RP oppurtunties and I'm willing to learn right alongside everyone else.
If this campaign gets off the ground, I would be extremely interested in seeing how the DMs manage the die rolls on roll20. I'm planning to start a MHR campaign with a few friends and have yet to figure out a good way to keep track of and easily roll all the different dice required for the Cortex Plus system.
Well, I'm glad to see the interest here. As I mentioned, there was Another possible DM, so I was going to wait until he gets to talk about him game, but I'm not sure how long that will take. Anyway, yes, I am completely fine with taking in people who have never played the game, or other games, Before. As long as you like the concept and has some rudimentary knowledge about marvel. This game is a pretty easy one to learn, in my opinion. As mentioned earlier, I would be okay with both people playing Canon character, original characters or a mix of both. I might start up a game soon so the guys can write there which way they'll prefer.
I would definitely prefer original characters. Not sure when or if I'd have time to join another game, but I'd like to keep abreast of the possibility.
Well, I'm glad in seeing the interest in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game here, and if you guys would be fine with me as a DM, you can take a look over at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to sign up or post further questions and such.

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We still have a few spots left open
Last thread-bump. It seemed we had more people interested in the game before