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About the *Print available Spells* macro of the new 3.5 sheet

Hello, I am perplexed on a issue i face with the print available spells button on the sheet... To note i am a sorcerer lvl10:  So i put nothing in the *spell use* section of a spell and i put a X in prep for them to show up on the *print to chat button list* It works !....  At the exception of one thing....  my last level 4 spell on the list shows up on every level of spells on the list. 1-2-3 and even 5. -I tried to switch my bottom lvl4 spell for another; moving shadow conjuration at the bottom instead of my Rainbow Pattern and it still shows the same problem...  It bugs me to no end, can someone explain what i did wrong or if its a glitch, a bug...? idk . help ! here is the copy /paste of what the print looks like in the chat box Sidsaspi Available Spells Shadow Acid Arrow Level 1: Feather Fall Burning hands Floating disc Shocking Grasp Identify Expedious retreat Shadow Acid Arrow Level 2: Glitterdust False Life Scent Spectral Hand Locate Object Ghoul's touch Shadow Acid Arrow Level 3: Slow Vampiric Touch Major Image Shrink Item Shadow Acid Arrow Level 4: Rainbow Pattern Shadow Conjuration Shadow Lao breath Shadow Sleet Storm Shadow Monster 1 Shadow monster 2 Shadow Monster3 Shadow Snake Sigil Shadow Web Shadow Swarm Shadow Acid Arrow Level 5: Shadow Acid Arrow Magic Jar Shadow Acid Arrow Shadow Acid Arrow Shadow Acid Arrow Shadow Acid Arrow Shadow Acid Arrow
Sheet Author
You should probably post in the active thread in the character sheet forum.&nbsp; Then the person upgrading this sheet will be more likely to see this. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>