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Easier NPC Creation

I have seen screen shots of games in which the game creator had a macro on the bottom of the screen titled something like, "Create NPC".  I am curious what that might mean...  
Without seeing the screenshots it's hard to say for sure, but most likely the macro was used to automate the process of inputting token and character sheet ability settings. Here's an example using the TokenMod and ChatSetAttr scripts for D&D 5E: !?{Token Name?|@{selected|character_name}} !?{Darkvision?|Yes,has_night_vision|No,} !?{Darkvision Distance?|60} !?{Size?|Medium/Small,1|Large,2|Tiny,0.5|Huge,3|Gargantuan,4} !token-mod {{ --on showname showplayers_name showplayers_aura1 has_bright_light_vision ?{Darkvision?} --off playersedit_name playersedit_bar1 playersedit_bar2 playersedit_bar3 playersedit_aura1 playersedit_aura2 showplayers_bar1 showplayers_bar2 showplayers_bar3 showplayers_aura2 --set name|"?{Token Name?}  controlledby|= bar1_link|  bar2_link|npc_ac bar2_max|  bar3_link|passive_wisdom bar3_max|  aura2_color|#0000ff night_vision_distance|?{Darkvision Distance?} scale|?{Size?}u bar_location|overlap_bottom compact_bar|on }} !setattr {{   --silent   --sel   --replace   --hp|''   --advantagetoggle|'{{query=1}} {{normal=1}} {{r2=\lbrak\lbrak0d20'   --rtype|'\at{advantagetoggle}'   --wtype|\ques{Whisper\ques\|Public Roll,\|Whisper Roll,/w gm }|    --npc_name|\at{selected\|token_name} }} !delattr {{   --silent   --sel    --npc_name_flag    --dtype }}
Oh so setting up a token.  Thanks!   Interesting.  I don't know what a lot of this does.