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Trying to add Protective Stance to 5e Sheet

So as title, but no idea how the situation: One of my players is a multi-class level 3 paladin with Defensive, level 1 fighter protective... According to Character Mancer this is a thing (my player chose defensive and protective respectfully because CM asked him to) After double checking his sheet he only has Defensive Stance available (written as *1 [ Fighting Style: Defense ]*) but Protective Stance is missing... Any ideas? Thanks
I have no idea what protective stance is.  Are you confusing the Protection Fighting Style somehow?  If so, that is a reaction that he would have that doesn't really have a place on the sheet other then as a trait/feature in the bottom right.  Interception Fighting Style may be useful to make into an attack template of sorts though.  Again, never heard of Protective Stance.  
yes sorry - i am hombrewing his class and he is using *Stances* so i got mixed up - i am referring to Fighting Style
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The basic rules of 5e generally prohibit taking more than one fighting style (unless otherwise specifically allowed), which means you will likely have to add it to your sheet manually.
ahh thank you do you know what the code is for adding Protective Style?