i'd like to create a card (mostly based on a grpcheck script card) that would check on multiple targets and acts correctly on a cantrip (meaning that if the character passes the save, there are no damage applied at all). Of course, there are still some half damage if target is resistant to a damage type, double damage if vulnerable, no damage if immune... Here's what i use for spell groupcheck, needs to be just a little bit adjusted.  !script {{ --/|Demande quel JP, quel DD, quels degats, quel effet sauvegarde, quel type dégats --&saveType|?{Quel JP?|Dexterité,dexterity|Constitution,constitution|Sagesse,wisdom} --=DC|?{DD ?|15} --=Damage|?{Dégats} --&damageType|?{Quel type de Dégats ?|Acide,acid|Contondant,bludgeoning|Feu,fire|Force,force|Foudre,lightning|Froid,cold|Nécrotique,necrotic|Perforant,piercing|Poison,poison|Psychique,psychic|Radiant,radiant|Tonnerre,thunder|Tranchant,slashing} --/|Get all of the tokens on the page so we can cache their positions --~|array;pagetokens;alltokens;@{selected|token_id} --#leftsub|DD [$DC] --#rightsub|Type de Dégats : [&damageType] --#title|JP de Groupe --#titleCardBackground|#03038a --#titlecardbackgroundimage|linear-gradient(to bottom, #96BAFF, #7C83FD) --#oddRowBackground|#d8d8e6 --#evenRowBackground|#FFFFFF --#whisper|gm --/|Calculate damage --=HalfDamage|[$Damage.Total] \ 2 --=DoubleDamage|[$Damage.Total] * 2 --=QuarterDamage|[$Damage.Total] \ 4 --/|Since we want to be able to hover over a roll and see the dice details, output the rolled damage at the --/|top of the card. If all critters make their save, the half damage roll won't contain the details. --+|[c][b]Base de Dégats: [/b][$Damage][/c] --+| --/|Create an array with the selected token --~tokenid|array;selectedtokens;Selected --/|The first item in the array will be a blank dummy item, so remove it. --~|array;removeat;selected;0 --/|Loop through the tokensHit tokens and roll saves for each one and apply damage --~tokenid|array;getfirst;Selected --?[&tokenid] -eq ArrayError|endOutput --:loopDisplay| --=SaveRoll|1d20 + [*[&tokenid]:[&saveType]_mod] --/|Compare the save roll to the save DC and either apply full or half damage --?"[*[&tokenid]:npc_immunities]" -inc "[&damageType]"|Immune --?"[*[&tokenid]:npc_resistances]" -inc "[&damageType]"|Resistant --?"[*[&tokenid]:npc_vulnerabilities]" -inc "[&damageType]"|Vulnerable --?[$SaveRoll.Total] -lt [$DC]|>ApplyDamageTokenmod;[&tokenid];1;-[$Damage.Total]|>ApplyDamageTokenmod;[&tokenid];1;-[$HalfDamage.Total] --?[$SaveRoll.Total] -ge [$DC]|madeSave --/|Here are various damage applications if the creature is immune, resistant, or vulnerable. In some cases, we will reuse output lines, --/|for example, a resistant creature that fails its save will jump to "madeSave", since that is the correct damage amount. (half), while --/|a vulnerable creature that makes its save will jump to "FailedSave" since that will be normal damage. --/|Output a line for a failed saving throw (we will also jump here for a vulnerable creature that MAKES its save) --:FailedSave| --+[*[&tokenid]:t-name]:|JP [$SaveRoll] [r][$Damage][/r] --^afterSave| --:Immune| --+[*[&tokenid]:t-name]:|n'est pas affecté par le sort ! --^afterSave| --:Resistant| --?[$SaveRoll.Total] -lt [$DC]|>ApplyDamageTokenmod;[&tokenid];1;-[$HalfDamage.Total]|>ApplyDamageTokenmod;[&tokenid];1;-[$QuarterDamage.Total] --?[$SaveRoll.Total] -lt [$DC]|madeSave --+[*[&tokenid]:t-name]:|JP [$SaveRoll] [r][$QuarterDamage][/r] --^afterSave| --:Vulnerable| --?[$SaveRoll.Total] -lt [$DC]|>ApplyDamageTokenmod;[&tokenid];1;-[$DoubleDamage.Total]|>ApplyDamageTokenmod;[&tokenid];1;-[$Damage.Total] --?[$SaveRoll.Total] -ge [$DC]|FailedSave --+[*[&tokenid]:t-name]:|JP [$SaveRoll] [r][$DoubleDamage}[/r] --^afterSave| --/|Output a line for a successful saving throw --:madeSave| --+[*[&tokenid]:t-name]:|JP [$SaveRoll] [r][$HalfDamage][/r] --:afterSave| --~tokenid|array;getnext;Selected --?[&tokenid] -ne ArrayError|loopDisplay --:endOutput| --X| --:ApplyDamageTokenmod|Parameters are tokenid;bar#;amount --@token-mod|_ignore-selected _ids [%1%] _set bar[%2%]_value|[%3%] --<| }} Ideally, i'd like to call for a query at the begining asing for spell check that leads to this, or cantri check that leads to the new one i'm asking.... But that would be the cherry on the cake. thanks for your help