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Problems dragging tokens to the map and timeouts in viewing character/monster details

Been using Roll20 for about 18 months now to run a COVID campaign and in general its working very well for us. But there are a couple of recurring bugs that are a major annoyance and I'm not sure what's causing them or how to resolve them. The biggest issue is that occasionally during a session, most often during combat, I will need to drag a new token from the Journal to the map (a character summoned something or reinforcements arrived) and it doesn't work. I click on the name of the mob/char in the Journal (not the token, as I know that's for just moving it up/down the list), and drag it over, but nothing happens.  Related to this, sometimes when I go to open a mob's details page (either by clicking on it in the Journal or shift-double clicking on the token) to refresh my memory on an ability or trait, it will take forever to open up. I get a window that pops up and may sit there for 30+ seconds (or in some cases forever). This is an example from last night when I tried to look up some stats for a dragon during a fight: This is extremely annoying as all action/combat stops while I sit there and wait for it to resolve, or then go off in another window to try and google the answer I was looking for. As far as troubleshooting, I usually use Firefox and include both the Beyond20 extension and the VTT enhancement suite. I've tried this with both of them off and I didn't seem to make a difference, and in any case we can't really play without Beyond20 as all our characters are located there. Any ideas or tips on what I might be doing wrong or how to resolve these issues?

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How many characters (roughly) do you have in your game?
5 player characters. The above scene I screenshotted was admittedly a large battle (players vs two huge dragons and a couple dozen lizardfolk, with a bunch of other inactive icons on the map). Honestly I don't remember whether this occurs more often with lots of tokens on the map or not. 
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I meant all characters (PCs and monsters) in the campaign. Hundreds of characters, or many characters with far more than the minimal spells they need at the moment are known causes of the lag you are describing. Not saying that's it, just that it's one of the first things to ask. I don't know if there are significant slowdowns due to Beyond20 or VTTES (I don't use them, and you've tested without them), but they certainly won't make a game faster. I'll post the standard troubleshooting steps below the line, but another thing you can try is turning off autofill and autocomplete in your browser, particularly in Firefox. Could you please carefully work through these steps of our guide to  Solving Technical Issues ? Step 1: Make sure to use the right browser Please check if these issues persist when using both Chrome  and  Firefox. Step 2: Ensure that there are no extensions/addons interfering with Roll20 Please disable  all  add-ons/extensions. Step 3: Clear your cache If none of the above succeeds, please thoroughly work through  Step 4 .  (Don't forget the complete Console Log!) Thank you!

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Ah yeah, the campaign is huge. It's a customized version of Rise of Tiamat with big parts of Storm King's Thunder added in, plus a bunch of custom stuff. I'll do some more troubleshooting this weekend and check out those steps, but If I archive some stuff, would that help? Or would I need to delete it? Edit: Did some more testing, seems to be much better in Chrome (I'd switched to Firefox a couple of months ago). With/without the above extensions, there's only a few seconds delay in pulling up character info sheets and dragging tokens to the map.

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keithcurtis said: I meant all characters (PCs and monsters) in the campaign. Hundreds of characters, or many characters with far more than the minimal spells they need at the moment are known causes of the lag you are describing. Not saying that's it, just that it's one of the first things to ask. I appreciate you typing that, keith, b/c it does seem like problems I have been having off and on. Inlcuding ones in asked about in another thread. Last month, I had to run the Gnawbones/Claugiyliamatar map from Divine Contention at 10 ft/sq because it just slowed down way too much at 5 ft./square. With 4 players and 6 pcs. And me. No audio, b/c, well, you know. The experience sucked. The map scrolled and the players could move their tokens, but the game is designed for 5 foot squares. So, let's think about that for a minute. That's a stock image, I have some experience setting up DL, don't use the freehand tool or anything, know my way around Chrome extensions, figured out the invisible token/lighting trick and what not on my own, but.... I am laid low by the inability to realistically have more than 200-300 characters in a campaign. I am encouraged not to use too many spells. Um, what's the whole point of computerizing it then?  Again, thx for making that clear, keith. My mini-rant was directed not at you, and I truly thank you for pointing out what is surely the source of my problems, but it's directed at a design that makes using too many spells or too many characters a game-paralyzing problem.