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Forgotten Realms Ad&d 2nd ed A Council of Devils

Devils and Demons all those of he Anti Gods are seeking to enslave the Forgotten Realms . And your party must hear the call or watch Faerun crumble. Starting at 1st level Kits with approval. not playing from the high level books . no evil alignments. playing Bi Weekly via Rol20 and DISCORD SESSION 0 October 22 7pm Central time
Comment or message if interested in playing
currently seeking 3 players
This sounds really great. I would like to be the first candidate for your game! I am thinking of playing a Paladin of Lathander; a Knight of the Order of the Aster (( Lathander's Holy Military Order: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> )) Please DM me and let me know. ^^ My name is Ashley!
Hi Tim! Like Ashley above said, that adventure sounds fantastic! I'd love to play the Myrmidon warrior kit in that setting!
Hello folks Still Seeking Players ALSO please ignore any Visible posts by user Translucentwolf&nbsp;&nbsp; they have been harrassing me for months
seeking 2 players
I've never played dnd 2.&nbsp; Are you allowing new players to learn while playing?