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im looking for a new group

Hi guys looking for group to play with no payment required im laid back and fun , something to keep me interested i have 3-4 year experience always open to trying new stuff as im trying find a long term group to play with. I looking for some fun since im stuck at home in the states as I have alot of free time to do whatever mainly available  on late Mondays , Wednesdays , Fridays and Saturdays alot of my experience comes from witcher and dnd sessions with my brothers but I really want to improve on my role-play and make friends as tho alot of the groups i been part of had stuff going on or people just plane up left the party , or lose interest in campaign so I hope I fine a interesting adventure to fine myself in   so please pm me if your in need of a player , I mainly use dnd beyond and discord.   note i also had recently had my dm straight ended a campaign which was 8 months long and im looking to fill that void my time zone is west pacific north American  Game: D&D 5e  Group preferred: free to play , Online discord text or voice (Raine#6986) Experience: semi experienced  Location/Time zone: California west pacific time  , north American united states Availability: late Mondays ,Wednesdays , Fridays and saturday  Preferred role: Player Game style: combat , rp, exploration , creative game play, character development (note theses are what i crave for any game I get into) note I only speak English I'm open trying out stuff please contact me if your looking for a player please  dm here or through discord soon as you can -  
hi there I have a game I'm trying to find 2-3 players max to keep it fun and fast paced here's the synopsis, hit me up if it sounds cool to you The time of heroes is in full swing, gold and ale flow like vast rivers. the wars are over, commerce is booming, the summer years are here, sunny skies yield no clouds and rain comes and goes with the quickened pace that rivals that of the notorious wild cat races of Whiteridge. lush forests cover the winding roads and rivers that cut across the land giving way to gentle rolling plains in the east, the ever snowy mountain peaks in the north, rich seas of grain to the south and the capital, the jewel of Esteros lies to the far west. festivals and and merriment reign throughout the the vast towns and holds, it is a time of monsters and villainous and dastardly characters, yes, but a time of heroes and legend. what will your legacy be?  
i love too join