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Player looking for ERP games

Hello my names Kym. I'm female, 30 and live in the UK (GMT time zone). My free times are week nights starting time 8:30pm - 11pm. That coves the average 3-4 hour sessions as I am happy to play until 3am if needed as I am a night owl. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) Group size from just me and the DM to 5 players and the GM. I've found anymore and you just get far to many people complaining, or over talking each other. Plus with ERP games, less is more when it comes to players. (¬‿¬) As the title says I am looking for erotic role play game/s. I am not looking for any play by post or text based game. Voice is a must for me as I find it far more gripping and fun. I am also dyslexic and have some learning difficulties. So the slow pace of text games holds no interest to me sadly.  I am very experienced in role playing games. I've been playing them since I was around 9. Mainly Dungeons & Dragons. I know D&D 5e super well as its the one I have played the most. I have played SWADE but wouldn't consider myself more than a semi novice still, but I do love the system and want to play it more. It encompasses so many genres for easy of access to anything from sci-fi with space ships to fantasy with swords and shield. I have been trying to learn VtM but am super new to it. I have also looked into some super hero games such as Mutants and Masterminds, and also Firefly Core. But know these no better than VtM and would need a refresher course. Thanks for reading. I hope it didn't come off as grumpy or flippant. I am no good at typing. Super failed English at school (failed school in general if I'm honest) and have no head for phrasing or grammar.  Hope to hear from a GM soon. My fingers are crossed. 
I remember looking for something like this. But they were all text based. Hope you find something
Something like Alpha Blue by Venger Satanis?  
Tales from the Traveling Vagabond is another I can think of
FJR said: Something like Alpha Blue by Venger Satanis?   FJR said: Tales from the Traveling Vagabond is another I can think of I don't know what any of these things are you mentioned. I did mention what systems I know in my post