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Secret door symbols on the map layers

This is the second time I have a purchased map and the secret door symbol is embedded into the map and sitting on the map layer. Does no one vet the modules? People just throw crap into roll20 marketplace and roll20 is too busy trying to patching that updated dynamic lightning nightmare to pay any attention to the core business?  Now instead of getting ready for a game tonight I have to edit the maps to remove the secret door symbols. reupload them to roll20, and add secret door symbols to the GM layer. smh. 
Well and all the traps are marked on the players map level with red squares. nice. not. more work to get ready and my edits have to be seamless to the players.   
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For secret doors and traps appearing on a map, that should be reported to the publisher. If it's an official Roll20 conversion, use a  Help Center Request . That will generate a ticket and the devs can assign that for the module's next patch. If it's a third party marketplace offering, you can usually find the publisher and shoot the a PM. Let us know if you need help tracking that down.
Mark S.
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This sounds like something that needs to be corrected and updated with the creator. Have you contacted them to report this issue?
The Aaron
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Which marketplace item is it?
Dead in Thay of the yawning portal set but I keep running into this on other modules. usually late after I read everything and I have like an hour before the game starts,
I sent in a report which will certainly be ignored.