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Allow creators create & Sell cool 3D dice sets

Score + 3
The mono colour 3D dice are great but they look a bit plastic. All gamers love dice (except perhaps cthulhu players coz dice always mean something bad is going to happen) Suggestion : can Roll20 allow creators to create fancy, shiny, sparkly or otherwise cool dice sets that can be sold on the marketplace. gamers love dice. We are suckers for buying them. If you want fancy dice - vote with me.
Who want dice this cool in their game  & available on marketplace. if your PCs don’t want them …. Your BBEG villains will. (No idea whose dice these are, I spent 20 seconds on google search)
Plenty of digital dice to choose from. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I support this!&nbsp; There is a browser plug-in for Chrome and Edge that allows customizing 3D dice, but they are only seen by players that also have the browser plug-in.&nbsp; Custom Dice for Roll20 — Browser addons — Google Chrome extensions ( &nbsp; &nbsp;Building custom 3D dice into the VTT would be great and enabling the marketplace to sell custom dice would spice up the game.&nbsp;