Greetings, I'm looking for some players who are willing to help me kill a legendary dragon in a monster hunter world setting. this does entail dealing with the nasty chore of gearing and gaining lvls before taking on the big bad dragon but I have faith that you will figure it out. Sadly I can't join you but I can guide you on the adventure. Are you ready to accept the challenge of killing a legendary dragon. i am looking for a Saturday afternoon / evening game and can run it for 5 hours or more if players wish to. this would be a once a week thing for starters but i can do up to 2 times a week. i am willing to change this to others days if need though Monday is a no go. i ask that you have access to discord (i do have a server and will send invites if asked) but the game itself will be hosted here on roll20. i do expect this game to take time as  the starting lvl is from lvl 1 up to 20 before killing the cr30 dragon so keep that in mind. please feel free to Dm with questions and ill be happy to message you back or you can post below Sadly I do have to state that this is a paid game and has two ways to pay. the first is a per session price of $5. the second is a monthly price of $15. I normally do stuff thru the Cashapp as i have found that it works fairly well for this and has worked well for me in the past. i can work with players on the payment method if something happens