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[LFP] Saturday/Sunday game, current lvl 14, homebrew game

Hey! We unfortunately have a spot currently open for our game. We try for Saturdays at 7-10 mst, but sometimes have to push to Sunday at 1-4 mst. We would like someone with flexibility, but if you can do one of those, we can try it out. I play some good combat/dungeons, but try to make a fun and exciting narrative. I am still relatively new to DMing, and currently trying to combine pre-made adventures with my own plot-driven twists. Please understand that I am not the best, but will do what I can to make your character relevant and driven in the plot. We currently have a Grave Cleric, Dream Druid, and ranged Fighter, just hitting lvl 14. If interested, reply with Age: Pronouns: How long you have been playing: What type of game you like to play: availability:
20 He/him Dnd and Pf on and off for roughly 15 years I enjoy games with a good balance of combat, rp, exploration and room for character development. I'm available both Saturday and Sunday Feel free to pm me on here, or my Discord: PizzaSlayer11#5307
25 He/Him Been playing 5e since the release of Storm Kings Thunder in 2016 A nice balance between Combat, RP and Tomfoolery lol Due to a recent promotion @ work I would only be able to make it to the Sunday session. Sorry Feel free to PM me on here or Discord. Jdeuyour#4298

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Age: 18 Pronouns: He/Him How long you have been playing: I've been playing for almost 4 years now and like to think I know most of the ropes. What type of game you like to play: I love to play a game with a healthy mix of rp and combat. I am very experienced in roleplay (One of my favorite aspects) and love to get along with people as I'm a bit of an ambivert. I can be very outgoing but I can also give people space. I often narrate my actions to try and immerse everyone and help the DM out with that. Currently, I'm hoping to play a somewhat homebrew pure tank for the party who is basically a living siege weapon (Perhaps even speak with the DM to see if I can play a large sized creature and stack powerful builds). Was thinking of going Zealot or bear totem. availability: Preferably on the Sunday times.