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Non-looping gifs and chat embedding

Hi all, I've been tinkering with my macros and wanted a certain gif for my parry and riposte. Having the gif continuously run is a bit jarring, so I edited it to run just once with no loop. The problem is that the chat only loads it once, runs it, and all the subsequent times it is shown, the gif just stays at the last frame.  Is there a way to force chat to reload the gif or is it just a technology limit I can't work around? Thanks, Andre
Forum Champion
Oh dang! That's frustrating.  I do not think the API can help with this one. Workaround concept maybe remake the GIF again, this time as continuously looping BUT only does the motion every 10 seconds or so, instead of so often, with more still-frames?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
That's definitely not something the API can help with.
Sheet Author
The most recent tip in the Stupid Tricks thread addresses the use of GIFs in chat, and there are two methods below it to remove the caching issue from finite-loop GIF's. One is just part of the macro, the other requires some setup on your image hosting service. Nothing to do with API, though.
Forum Champion
Thanks Oosh, didn't know that would be possible with those methods.