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[LFP][5e][FREE] The Sword Coast is now open and looking for adventurers!

Hello Adventurer! The Sword Coast Adventure Realms (or SCAR for short) are now open for new players, and we are looking for people interested in joining an ever-growing and evolving community, set in the West Marches style of D&D 5th Edition. Who are we? - The SCAR community is a collection of players from all over the world, where our characters live and adventure in an open-world style server that is always moving and changing as the time goes on. Instead of a single, party-based campaign, SCAR is more like an MMO-style online world, with multiple storylines existing all at the same time. Everything is player-generated and driven; from the economy and shops, to world events....everything that happens in SCAR is a result of what  you  the player and your character do in your adventures. Who can you be? - SCAR uses both standard 5e races and classes, as well as selection of homebrew content that is always being tweaked and added to, to give our players even more choices on who they want to play as in our world. We have content from Xanathar's, SCAG and multiple other source books that we have all integrated into our world, and are adding new ones all the time! How do you play? - We use Chronica, Discord and Roll20 for our games. - Discord is where all our main chat, roleplaying and out-of-quest activities all take place. We encourage characters to interact with one another outside of actual quests, to give them depth and life as well as further drive their own stories and ambitions beyond simply working a job. We also use full voice chat and streaming on Discord for those currently questing, and for others to watch as they play! - Chronica is a relatively new website (created and owned by two of our very own DMs!) that brings the out-of-game world to life with shops, faction pages, your character's inventory and more! No more imagining it, now you can actually see items and gear your character has, as well as visit all of the shops, churches and locations around the Sword Coast! - On Roll20 where our actual quests are played, we have several Pro-level DMs with premium content from sourcebooks and of our own making, dynamic lighting, background music and more! When do we play? - All the time! There are no set, weekly quests like in a typical campaign. Our team of DMs create and run games as often as they can - sometimes you can find 2 or 3 quests posted in a week! So don't worry about having to make a commitment to the same time slot every week - you sign up and play when you can and are able! We post games at times friendly for both NA and EU timezones, so there will likely always be something available to you! - Even when there are no quests, the server is always active with roleplay, character interaction and the daily bustle of the Sword Coast, so you will never feel left out even if you did miss a quest. Is it free? -  100%, absolutely free to play ! The DMs use paid subscriptions on their accounts for sourcebooks and Roll20, and donations to our server are always welcome and appreciated, but there is  no cost  for you to play in our world! Where do you sign up? - Right here! If you are interested in joining this ever-growing world of ours, simply reply to this forum post! Give us a brief description of you as a player; your experience with D&D 5th Edition, your familiarity with Discord and Roll20, and what you are looking for in a community of players like yourself. - We will try to respond to your post as soon as we can with a Private Message, to further the interview process and get you ready to join our community. (But please be patient, as we all do work and live outside the computer world!)  We look forward to hearing from you!
I am interested.  Always been interested in playing, never had the opportunity to. I use Discord for other means, so reasonably confident with it.  Am I a good candidate?
I am interested and would like to learn more.  I played AD&D as a kid.  I’m much older now and recently got into 5e and have been playing for a little less than a year now.  I’ve played Descent into Avernus exclusively on Roll20, and I’ve also played some open-world, home-brew over Discord and Forge, so I have accounts and experience with both Roll20 and Discord.  I’m mostly available to play during the afternoons my time/Eastern time, so I’ve found more playing opportunities with those on European time.  I study a lot and am pretty good with the rules, but my inexperience shows most in role-play and perhaps strategy.  I’m looking to play with mature people who don’t see D&D as an opportunity to dominate the action for themselves and instead look to work within a team atmosphere.  
Hi, My name is Kratez, and I'm very interested in joining your community! I'm a person who greatly enjoys roleplaying and dice rolling in equal measures, but most of all, I enjoy being able to sit down and play some games with people. I have about 10 years of experience being a player, and am familiar with discord and roll20, as I have played various games on this site. What I am looking for in your community is just the ability to play some games with some like-minded people who enjoy some tabletop RPGs. I hope to play with your community soon, and have a good time.
Sign me up! I'm experienced and comfortable with everything involved. I've been playing since the Red Box and have been a huge FR nerd since 2e. I just enjoy playing the game and want to play with others that get into the setting and the lore.

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Would love to join, hit me up with a PM so we can start the process. Look forward to hearing from you. I am 32, living in Ireland played with a group a few years back before I moved and now have no local groups. Played a ton of 4e and since lockdown been trying to get into 5e. Familiar with discord and roll20. 
I am interested and would like to learn more.  While I have played AD&D while at school in the 80’, I have only recently started playing 5e and have been playing for the last 5 weeks.  I have established accounts with all the usual systems (free accounts). However, willing to upgrade to a monthly version if required.  I’ve recently played on Roll20 and over Discord.  I’m available to play during the afternoons at Australia (east coast) time.  I understand AD&D (1 and 2), and I am learning 5e (but still learning).  I’m looking to play with mature people.
Hi!  I would like to get more opportunities to play, although time management makes this tricky sometimes.  I use Discord routinely and have been playing on Roll20 for a few years, although I am not versed in setting up character sheets and macros (a few friends usually do the technical stuff on my behalf). I'm probably older than most Roll20 users, but a longtime gamer (roleplaying and otherwise).  Been doing D&D 5e, which I mostly like, since...maybe 2019? but played old-school D&D since the white box days.  So I'm not sure what's entailed and I don't know if there's a cutoff in terms of number of applicants, but there are times when I'd love to play D&D 5e.
Hi. I am interested. I don't have experience in DnD and other role playing games. I wanted to join a group for a long time, but most of the games are in a time zone not optimal for me. I hope I can join your group and finally start playing some DnD.
I am interested if you play at GMT compatible times :)
Hey! I have been playing a game in roll20 and Discord for a while now. I actually have a really fun character I want to try out and would really like to experience other GM styles. If you have a spot for someone who's really into the RP side and wants to have fun, please hit me up? :p
Greetings and salutations!         I'd be very interested in joining your community, as I'm always looking to jump in to try out a character concept, and have a wide array of one-shots and world quests that I'd be happy to run if allowed. I've been running a weekly campaign for the same five people for over a year now, so I'm very confident in my use of both Discord and Roll20. Hope to hear from you, but thanks for your time either way!
This sounds great.  Would love to play in this group.  2 rules I live by, don't be an asshole, and clean up after yourself (works well for some campaigns).
Hello. This idea sounds great and I am really interested in it. I have basic expierence in DnD 5e on roll 20 and I also have a discord. I want to explore your world do quests with other people maybe even open my blacksmithing shop and do other interesting things.
Hey there. Really love the idea and would love to be a part of it. As a player, I do enjoy combat but also love to find creative solutions to problems other than swinging a really big axe. I find myself really getting invested into characters and thinking in their shoes instead of my own. I'm quite familiar with discord, having used it for different groups for ages. And I've gotten fairly comfortable with Roll20 as well over the past few months. Really looking for a group who enjoys RPGs as much as I do to play games when free instead of always having one fixed block of time. Look forward to hearing from you, JB
Hi! I am one of five adventurers. I am the seeker and healer of the group. This community is definitely one we would be interested in. We are very familiar with discord (use daily) and roll20 but are open to trying new platforms (Chronica looks absolutely beautiful!). We are looking for a diverse community of players that can really create a good immersive story (roleplay) while balancing combat and quests. We want to meet people who enjoy D&D as much as we do. Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi There,   This sounds very interesting to get into and a great concept.   My name is Chris, I'm a 48 year old guy from Scotland.   I started playing when i was in my teens and stopped due to life, recently taking the game back up tentatively in 5e of which I've got an average knowledge.   My roll 20 and discord knowledge are ok and enough to play without issue.   I'm looking for a group that is mature in outlook but fun to play with.   I'm ok with roleplaying but terrible with accents :)   I'm ok with playing most classes if there's a shortage or requirement but usually think out the personality and flaws first before fitting the class together.   I'd be interested to hear more about this. Best regards Chris. 

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Sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to join! Got a few interesting ideas for a few characters that would work well with this setting and provide some interesting RP! Westmarches can be a lot of fun and I love the Swordcoast, it’s  an awesome setting to explore and fits perfectly for this type of game!  I have a good 6+ experience as a player under my belt and I’m quite familiar with both Roll20 & Discord. Chronica is still a little knew to me but I’m getting the hang of it! I hope you’ll consider me for your game ^^ 
I would be absolutely happy checking this out!
Sounds like a thing I m looking for, sign me in) Can go with an established group, but prefer a new one. Would like to play today.
Hi,      Getting back into D&D and looking to play one shots and campaign.  I have played a few one shots and will probably be in one campaign soon and would like to have a second one going as well.  I live on US East Coast and am 47 years old.  I tend to play spell casters or ranged weapons for now.  I am on Discord, Roll20 and Chronica although I have yet to use Chronica.  Also some experience with Astral.  Pretty relaxed player and enjoy roleplaying and combat but really enjoy a well developed story and players who get into their characters.  Still learning how to really adopt the person of the roles I play but I am looking forward to playing more.  I am an insomniac and can play most times of the day and night.
Good evening,  I am an experienced 5e player and have used roll20 a few times so far. I am looking to be a player atm, though I am not unfamiliar with the idea of DMing some modules from time to time. My style generally is fairly rules-heavy, and I tend to play support/control casters. I like rp but it typically takes me a little while to warm up, otherwise I tend to strategize with other players and try to play smart to help the party overcome obstacles, and like to participate often. I can be a bit loud, but otherwise I have not had complaints from others in my group so far. 
I'm down to play. My discord is MrWolfe#7880
This sounds pretty interesting. I have been using discord for years and have been playing on and off of role20 for about four years. I am intimately familiar with how both programs work. Have been playing 5e for about five years. As a player, I'm fairly RP heavy and enjoy trying to get into character. I'm also a heavy note taker and I usually write them as journals from the perspective of my characters. I tend to play characters that are more supportive, crowd control and utility based. I try to participate as much as possible while not taking away from other members of the group. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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About me: I've been playing 5e since it's release, and d&d/other dogs since even before to that. I was a part of a D&D podcast for awhile as well. Very familiar with Discord, but I havent used Roll20 much lately (I've been a member for quite awhile though). Looking for people to game with and the scheduling flexibility sounds amazing. Edit: Sorry, it was late when I initially posted. Reread and edited for more info.
I DM a 5e homebrew campaign 3 years in the making and am looking for a way to be a PC a bit more. I love getting into RP and being a part of great stories and parties. I'm very flexible to various styles and group compositions.
Hi my name is Haley and I use she/her pronouns.  I’ve been playing 5e for about 4.5 years now and recently started dming as well. With my work schedule, as well as my friend’s, consistent games are hard to come by. I’ve been in campaigns like this before and all of the character interactions outside of the actual sessions was always my favorite part!