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Warhammer 4e Official Cubicle 7 character sheet

When I click a weapon to make a combat roll from a character sheet (for characters I have created and for pre generated characters) two sets of d100 dice roll on the screen. Only one dice roll is reported in the chat so it is possible to play but it is annoying to see two sets of dice and not know which is which from the on screen dice. I can click the Melee Basic skill and that rolls only one set of dice but it does not show the hit location or the damage. Am i doing something wrong?
Sheet Author
John G said: Am i doing something wrong? No.  I don't play warhammer, so have no idea of the mechanics of that game.  However, the way rolls and how they display on Roll20 should be the same.  It isn't uncommon for you to see more rolls with 3d dice than what you see displayed in chat, depending on the mechanics.  For instance, the Pathfinder by Roll20 sheet will roll a d20 for your attack roll.  But in that game system, a roll above a certain number is a critical threat and you need to roll another d20 to see if you confirm the critical or not.  The dice roller doesn't save values though, so all those dice have to be rolled at once.  If the primary roll isn't a critical threat, then the roll template hides the second roll in chat.  If the primary roll is a critical threat, then the second roll is revealed by the roll template in chat.  Either way, both dice were rolled and you will see them both in the 3d dice. I expect something similar is going on with your game system.  It is some supplemental roll that is hidden in chat unless needed, or is simply fulfilling a background mechanic that requires the roll and maybe isn't ever revealed in chat.
Does anyone know how I report problem this to the author?