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PF1 Community Armor/Weapon Attributes

The Pathfinder Community Sheet has a section tab for 'Equip' under which you can enter various items.  I have a character sheet that for some reason isn't displaying the Armor and Weapons attribute tabs under the entry.  The character sheet settings seem the same but the problem is restricted to a specific sheet so it seems like it must be a setting I am missing.  I have recalced until the cows came home.  (not pictured) I know I am a dummy.  I am 100% sure this is a user error but I am super frustrated and running a game tonight so I hope I can find help. Image with the tabs followed by image without the tabs.

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Scott C.
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The weapons/armor stat sections are additional information. Make sure you have the sheet in edit mode which is located next to the pathfinder logo at the top left of the sheet: Click that and a whole bunch of additional fields will display. When you are in edit mode, there's even more information that can be displayed as well by checking the various "Show more fields" checkboxes that you can find at the top of many sections (like right under the weapon/armor tabs on the equipment sheet): Note that these checkboxes only appear when the sheet itself is in edit mode.
Thanks for the response...  I did have it in edit mode.  I dont know what was wrong frankly, but the sheet seems to be functioning now.  That was frustrating.  A curse?  Ghosts?  The world will never know.
Sheet Author
If you use the minimize rows option, it can also hide things... Normal Minimized
I did not know that!  I think that was it! Man I appreciate it.  Hopefully someone will find this thread and it will save them some frustration.  I have to say this would be something useful on the wiki page for the sheet.  I may just go ahead and update it.
Sheet Author
It might be there somewhere... If not, please add it in.  The community sheet has MANY options/features... Many of us have been a long for the changes, updates, and additions over the last 5+ years and forget that other's have not. ;-p