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Player creatable, resizable and dismissable area of effect tokens

Spawning a new token and resizing it can take some time out of the game for the GM is your players are throwing around a lot of AoE's. A basic resizable and translucent blast marker and cone marker would be very helpful.

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If you are regularly using a template you can create a character sheet and set the template as the default token. It will retain the size you had it set at when you set it as the default token. Additionally, if you need templates Kristin has created two template packs for this purpose: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
I do understand, thank you. We solved variable blast tokens by using an aura on a 5x5 square and setting the aura radius to the intended size and displaying it to all. :) Cones however often need resizing, i'll do that character sheet trick, that will help make it swifter. :) thank you. My request comes from the fact these are all things the GM needs to do. I just want to lessen the GMing job by giving players easy access to it so they can set it themselves. :) All the same, thank you for reading. :)