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Introducing the Place Light tool


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I did the math. It takes no fewer than 19 clicks to get from a new, blank page on the VTT to a dynamically lit map. Often, it takes much more. We wanted to provide a better experience by both giving the act of placing a light a visual form, as well as making the process much more streamlined. That resulted in the first new tool to the Toolbar in a very long time, the Place Light tool. We think the functionality is straightforward. After selecting this tool, a left click will create a new token on whichever layer is currently selected. That token will emit Bright Light for 20 feet and Low Light for 20 feet. The light settings can be changed in the token settings like any other Token. Full details are on the Help Center for the Place Light tool . We specifically do not center the token in the grid to be accurate the cursor’s positioning. The light is placed exactly where you click on the Grid. A 48px size was chosen to minimize the space the image took up on the grid. The primary use case that we’ve discovered through our user testing has been filling out a scene with lights quickly. Keeping the icons visible but unobtrusive was the goal. Changing the image associated with the Token something we might do in the future. Until then, the Place Light tool works on the Token layer, Dynamic Lighting layer, or Map layer to create light. On the Token & Map layers, Player can see the token and the light. On the Dynamic Lighting layer, the light is visible to players while the token is not. Adjustable lighting values, preset light sources, click-to-drag light radius (radiuses? radii? neither of those look right), and additional settings prompts are also being considered for future changes, along with several other ideas that came up while developing and testing.
Is there a way to edit the tools settings? So that like once dropped other players have control over it without haveing to go in and edit the token settings each time? Or let players be able to place them, giving the person who spawned it control?