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Pathfinder 1 and account

Ok, I'm new to the concept of linking accounts and am not sure the benefits of it. I have a Paizo account and have successfully linked it to my Roll20 account. For me, I own all my Pathfinder books in print, but of course, with Covid, I am now running virtually so can't really pass my books across the table to my players anymore. I have purchased the Core rulebook on and am not sure what, if anything, that gave me on my roll20 account.  If anyone can explain that part to me I would appreciate it.  Also, is there any benefit to my roll20 account to purchase other pdf books on paizo like the various monster manuals and/or the advanced players guides? and what about the Adventure paths?  If I buy them on Paizo do the maps and adventures and monsters load into my roll20 account? thank you in advance for any help with this! Carl ?:>
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I think the Pazio Roll20 account link only applies for a subset of Pathfinder 2E things, and not with any 1E stuff, there isn't much of that on Roll20 anyway. Like you can see in this book's marketplace description, it gives explicit mention of Paizo account link bonus, so should be stated for all products on their page if there is anything going on: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Short answer: No, I don't think you get any PF 1E things on Roll20 if you happen to own them in another format, it's limited to some PF2E products.
Well, drat, I had no interest in investing in another system...